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Race #01, Australia: Post-Race Checks

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez


    Adam Hartwell: OK
    Andrea Danese: Rearview="0"
    Andreas Nilsson: OK
    Ari Kesseli: OK
    Benjamin Burmeister: OK
    Brian Oates: OK
    Caner Basol: OK
    Daniel Mckernan: Save All Replay Sessions="0"
    danny van der niet: rFactor ran outside of the manager
    Drazen Cokor: OK
    Eduard Kore: OK
    Flavio Falcao: OK
    Francisco Oliveira: OK
    Guglielmo Lo Verde: OK
    Igor Perez: OK
    Jan-Moritz Kammann: OK
    Johannes Kunkel: OK
    Juan Nicola: OK
    Juhani Ahlman: OK
    Kevin Clark: rFactor ran outside of the manager
    Mark Aalberts: OK
    Martial Thomas: OK
    Matteo Zandona: Save All Replay Sessions="0"
    Maurice Brackhahn: OK
    Maximilian Melamed: OK
    Michael Gray: OK
    Mihajlo Vicentijevic: OK
    Mikko Suokas: OK
    Mo Selvarajah: log file corrupted
    Nick Fischer: Net Connection Type="1", Upstream Rated KBPS="28", Downstream Rated KBPS="28"
    Petar Brljak: OK
    Rob Swindells: OK
    Sami Pesari: Save All Replay Sessions="0"
    Sebastiano Filosa: OK
    Tacito Nunes: OK
    Teemu Toikka: Save All Replay Sessions="0"
    Thomas Martens: OK
    Thomas Pfadler: Save All Replay Sessions="0"
    Tim Brook: Save All Replay Sessions="0"
    Tuomas Koriala: Not received
    Yannes Zola: OK


    All OK.


    Not used:

    Eduard Kore
    Sami Pesari
    Drazen Cokor
    Ari Kesseli
    Flavio Falcao

    No penalties applied because it is the first race of the season, and no protests were submitted. However, please fix your problems (.plr, logs, etc). Make sure that you follow correctly the pre-race and post-race procedures.
  2. Nicholas Fischer

    Nicholas Fischer

    What must I do to get rid of those things next to my name? IIRC there wasn't anything in the rules that told me to alter my internet?
  3. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez

    On your rFactor multiplayer settings (in game), select "Custom" and some higher upstream/downstream rates, 28kbps is quite low.
  4. Nicholas Fischer

    Nicholas Fischer

    Ok thanks :)