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R3E: Gumpert Apollo Released

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Bram, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Bram

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    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    R3E: Gumpert Apollo Released

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  2. What should be an exciting new release for R3E is met with chirping crickets here on RD. And I can see why. This game is in desperate need of a true content update that adds highly sought after basic features. When I think of the fact that I've spent nearly $100 on this game and still don't have the ability to run a race, or godforbid, actually run a championship type series, it really chaps my ass...The money I've spent compared to the content I actually have access to is depressing to think about. We need a major content update very soon and maybe a price break for people who have already purchased everything the game has to offer
  3. I'm pretty much the same. I originally purchased some extra content so that I could see the quality, and it is quite good too.
    However, I have stopped buying any more content until I see some opportunity to do something else besides hotlapping, which does nothing for me. :(
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  4. There is no multiplay and I think their content pricing is too high.
    Also they should make some content packages which would be sold in discounted price.
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  5. Leon Charmant

    Leon Charmant
    Premium Member

    Neither the game nor the content it provides is the problem, it's the play-for-free with microtransactions model. It's absolutely horrendous and it's killing the possible success of this game. This should have been GTR3.. it just confirms what I said earlier, this just isn't going to work for Simbin. The game looks and sounds fantastic but I'm not buying into it.
  6. sad, but true...
  7. Whilst at first I was greatly annoyed by this microtransaction model I have come to accept it.

    I picked up two 5000 vRP packs for 40 euros each. Went and picked the cars and tracks I liked and have some vRP to spare for upcomming content. Personaly skipping this Gumpert as the car never spoke to me. .

    Anyway if you just buy 5000vRP packs (wich makes things a little cheaper) then I dont see much of a problem anymore myself. Just add new content as it comes along or skip it.
  8. Agree with the statements above. We really need to get racing. Not just doing laps. I would also think some reward for those who have been investing a fair bit of cash on this beta be rewarded somehow.
  9. Everything is there. Why Simbin don't let us race online or at least against AI in a single race (with a start and finish!) ?
    For a GT competition I agree, you need more tracks.
    Please, we spend money, let the races begin…
    The quality of the content is great anyway! My guess is that they are short on money?
  10. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium Member

    Personally I wish developers would not have open betas so I don't have to read multiple threads and posts of people complaining that the game should have been finished yesterday. As for the pricing I don't see what the big fuss is about its still cheaper than the other pay games...yes I hope they discounted content packages in the future, give a extra discount once xxx dollars have been spent and more free tracks on release day but for what we were given for free so far u can't complain! If memory serves me correctly neither pcars or rf2 had multiplayer implemented within the first 6 months which is about the same point were at since beining released to the public so people just need to be patient and understand what beta means :)
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  11. well slute,

    you do have a point there but it's so easy to forget when you see all these cool pics :)
    in the end I still want simbin to do it right then rush and give us a game that's not even finished halfway
    gonna have to suck it up and play some more Race for a while :D
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