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R Factor......what a load of poo!!! have just bought it, cant register it cant use

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Dean Warner, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. what a great product lol after years of playing sinbin titles i thought id take the plunge and get r factor, should have just thrown my money down the drain, cant play it cant load it cant register it cant find any updates or help, everytime i try to register my product code it just says connecting and crashes......im understanding that with win7 i might have to do a few updates etc but really selling a product for 60 bucks that doesnt work or i cant even contact the support through the rf windows it really crappy.......any ideas guys or is this just a ****e platform and i should have stuck with the race series?

    yours feeling ripped off :(
  2. There is obviously something wrong. I know people who have rFactor on Windows 7 and it works fine...
  3. I'm on Win7 64 and using a £6 rFactor from ebay,best sim on my pc.
  4. I have Win 7 x64 and it works flawless here, have you tried describing your problem in the official isi-forums? http://isiforums.net/f/
  5. cheers guys for the responses.........sry i was ranting, have sorted the problem now was to do with SP1 issues, but rf doesnt seem to have any help support out there officially which was upsetting as i bought it direct from them :(

    on the rf front are there asny mods to make it more like race on etc as the driving/force feedback physics remind me of a bad version of gt legends....or is it just that i have to get used to it?
  6. cheers Ivo, will give it a go :)
  7. If that wasn't rFactor, you never have SimBin. For rFactor there are everything you can imagine. If you have problems send me a PM,
    or visit my team on www.facebook.com/AtlanticRacing