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r Factor error message

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Roger Snead, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Hello to all. I know this must have been discussed before, but my search yielded nothing. Sometimes I think I must be doing something wrong in my Search.
    It has been quite sometime since I played rFactor so please forgive my mistakes, hopefully you will get what I am trying to say. I am a total PC noob, so any/all help needs to be directed accordingly. It can NOT be to simple. Please.:notworthy:
    I am running rfactor with W7 64 bit. I am playing Rfactor's F1 2011RFT which I rarely do. I usually stick with the Clio cars just buzzing around in SP. Never online play. Anyway I am able to play in different modes, Testing Qually, and race or Race w/end, or Season, for about 15 min. and then it closes to desktop with error message.....see attachment. This has never happened before in any other of the race modes, or cars, tracks which I have run for over an hour(Clio cars) I have not added anything, changed any settings, no extra programs added. I did lower Shadows down to Low instead of full, because I read that takes a toll on a low grade pc for graphics.
    I have always used a VGA cable to 40 inch flatscreen. RF cofig. is at native PC reso.(1366x768) In game FPS is set at 60. Always has been for over a year. don't know if that is correct or not. What else?.....Always have kept Trend anti-virus on while playing. In game graphic settings are set to Full on most. 256RAM dedicated Graphics memory?........ 4 GB RAM Just a inexpensive Dell laptop that runs RSRBR, Race 07, NKP, all quite nice. Surprising.
    Well, that's about it, sorry it is in Capture.JPG such a disorganized PC noob format. Thank you for helping.
  2. Bump....Anyone please, You all are always so fast to reply with a problem. I really would be very gratefull . Thank you in advance:)
  3. memory overflow I predict, happens to me quite often with modern F1 mods, you could try to give your rfactor.exe advanced capabilities with the 4GB RAM patch as it just uses barely under 3 GB out of it's own.
    Another thing would be scaling down your graphic settings or as ultimate goal make the dds files smaller in size and measurements.
  4. Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately, the PC platform is something I don't understand much about. Could you direct me to this 4GB RAM patch, or maybe I can google? Is that something a real noob could do,safely w/o screwing up something? :rolleyes: I understand these things can be too hard to explain in writing. I looked around in my files, opened some up and could not find dds files and if I did, would not know how.
    How do you learn this stuff to start with, that's what I dont understand? I will perhaps try scaling down graphic first, since I know how to do that, of course. I am all ears if someone has the patience and time. Thank you.
  5. http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php has instruction and it shows that rF can't handle all of your RAM for reasonable stances it's not a proper multicore-kernel application and is pretty ancient in terms of hardware usage.
  6. Ok, Thank you very much. I will just have to stick with the xbox for my F1 2012. Yea, the laptop only cost me $300 brand new. It runs all the other older Sims I mentioned very well, so can't complain, as I am obviously not a serious sim racer. I appreciate the info though.;)
  7. One more thing please... Would you advise me to do this? I mean, would it work, and be safe to do on my system? Could it have adverse affects on my system in other areas? The basics are....
    250 Gb HD
  8. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Sometimes a uninstall/reinstall of a mod does the trick. Try this before the patch install and see what happens.

    Try with a new downloaded RFT F1
  9. Thanks to all who replied. Last night I dialed down a couple of graphic settings, and I played for one and half hrs, with no problems. I couldn't even notice the difference, as I did not have to compromise much. I really had a great F1 race! :)
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  10. We must race sometime :D I really miss rFactor 1...
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  11. Yea, it has been a long time for me as well. I really need a lot more practice. I have never played rF online, and would have a hard time setting it up. I have know idea. I have a feeling this low grade pc would not be able to run online. I am a real pc noob, and man would I love to know what you guys know.
    If I felt confident about being able to learn it all, I would love to get a good gaming pc. I can really see how people get hooked on pc play over consoles. My Elite really feels good on the pc, and it probably could be a lot better if I knew what I was doing.
    Thanks a lot for the invite.....maybe someday. ;)