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R&D problem

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by mo8504, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. I did my first R&D in australia but nothing happens. There are no new upgrades. I'm in Force India, second driver( maybe that is the problem). Second R&D in china, objective past and still nothing. Now i'm in Bahrain and all upgrades are still locked. Any idea what i'm doing wrong?
  2. When I was doing my first career with Force India I also passed all of those RDs, then later at some session the engineer said that the part had failed, on all cases up to canada.

    Now on my second career on Toro Rosso the first RD worked right away. Don't know if its buggy or not. Those things sometimes do not work after testing in real life either. :)
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  3. In my career Force India has agressive path in R&D so that make sense
  4. This is very weird. I've done all the tests on Williams season 1 (started as second driver and got to equal position), got all the upgrades except by the last one on São Paulo, but i just moved forward to season 2 as i was going to leave Williams and start with Ferrari. Started season 2 as Ferrari's first driver and had a brake test on Melbourne, didn't work! Did the same test 4 or 5 times and it never works, it never shows it unlocked on qualifying.
  5. I believe i know what makes them fault. At least i was trying everything to get the upgrade, so after lots of tests i finally got the upgrade, what happened is that i choose one default difficulty, like expert, without changing anything so the difficulty doesn't chaged to custom. Not sure if this is what fixed the problem but the only time i got the upgrade was this single time using a default game difficult.
  6. About the R&D how can I to pass the DRS test in rainy canada?
  7. Wait till it's dry? I've got same sort of R&D and I used Time acceleration and when I checked 20 minutes later it was dry and could do the test
  8. I've already done it 5 times, restarting all the times, the entire pratice rains
  9. Its hard rain? If its light maybe you can try to use dry tires, only problem you will have (real problem) is to beat the lap times using dry tires on a wet track. I've had some problems like this before, going to the main menu and then back "sometimes" worked, sometimes the session start or finish in a different weather than before.
  10. Hi guys noticed the same issue but figured it out, when you did a r&d and passed it, complete your session by skipping to qualy or running down the time, then use your option tire and low fuel just like you would for q3, try to go to p1, once you do and hear nothing from the engineer, your part will be unlocked in race or next race. but if you dont go to p1 or p2 i think the engineer will tell you that the part has failed and you wont get it.
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