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R&D Goals

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Derek McCord, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. This is for the Xbox, but I get the target R&D time for every practice session and I do not get an achievement or anything for my efforts. I'm the number two driver within the team and I know I do not set up the development cycle for the squad but I am not able to get the achievement. Brilliant site glad I found it thanks!
  2. I think you may have to achieve the qualifying and race results the team sets out for you too. Are you doing that?
  3. yeah im almost sure that is the achievement goal clean sweep i think its called
  4. You have to complete it in all 3 practice sessions. Alternatively, switch to a short weekend and you only have to do it once.
  5. Yeah I go and complete all goals set for the weekend. I do a full weekend with all 3 practices. I still do not get the achievement. It says it's a new engine map setting which would help me out greatly and yes I do get the target time before the six laps are up and even stay out for a complete six laps.
  6. James Chant

    James Chant

    Once you get the target time, the R&D goes away from the top right by the lap counter - you dont need to carry on once the target time is reached (green box around target time).

    What you do have to do, is sit through the entire session (you can use the x30 fast forward), you cannot skip straight to the next practice session (via furthest right menu in garage) or it will disregard your R&D efforts.

    I was wondering the same thing until I tried this.

    Let me know if this works please.
  7. I go through every session like that to the fullest. I have another R&D programme for Valencia here I'll try it again.
  8. I've had the same problem. The achievement is called "Seeking Performance". So far I've beat the R&D target time every time in each session (on more than one occasion) and haven't gotten the achievement. I've also competed in every practice session of the 6 GPs I've had in my season and haven't got the Practice Makes Perfect achievement either.

  9. yeah thats what i do, do the objective for each of the practice sessions and forward time 30x and you will get the upgrade. But when you become driver 1 how do you change the development path from balanced to aggressive? and what difference will it make?
  10. the more agressive you set your R&D path the higher your team's expectations.
  11. but will i get more upgrades or better upgrades or anything?
  12. Do these upgrades affect multiplay at all, ie would people on the leaderboards have an advantage if they had all the R&D objectives unlocked to them ?

    Or are these just available in Career mode, and if so do we have proof of this.
  13. I always run short weekend, mainly to avoid having to do thes one-dimensional upgrades over and over again. When you get an offer of 5% increase in rear downforce for the 4th time in a season I do think whats the sodding point?

    But anyway. The point I was going to make is in the Virgin last night I was playing and got offered 'reduce rear tyre drag 5%' which apart from the shock of something new, I completed. Once doing the objective and completing a setup I was happy with I quit the session, as I always do. I quallyed as normal and at the start of the race the engineer told me ''we've made some changes to the rear bodywork, you should notice a bit less trye drag now'

    So im not sure you do have to complete the session to get it to count.
  14. yeah its just the practice session to be completed for the upgrade to be set on the car
  15. MP7


    how do you set it? I can't move my selection with arrow key up there, any special keys for that?
  16. James Chant

    James Chant

    Only at the start of the season I'm afraid to say..
  17. MP7


    Ah I see, thx bud
  18. From what I gather, if you choose an aggressive R&D strategy, the car gets developments for the current season, if you choose the other option, you get upgrades for the following year.

    From what I noticed, upgrades aren't permanent across seasons, so any changes done aren't carried to the following year, but I'm not certain on this.

    I don't know anything more than this I'm afraid. CM did a really poor job of explaining this.
  19. James Chant

    James Chant

    The understanding we have is that the upgrades do roll over, but they don't show, ie: fast throttle map in s1 becomes standard in s2, but you dint have the option to choose fast straight away. Same with the aero, it improves year in year. Effectively a lotus will become much better in season 7 than season 1
  20. If i can understand correct from what James mentioned.

    That means giving Virgin for example.

    Season 1, obtain + 20% downforce
    Season 2, obtain another + 20% downforce
    Season 3, obtain yet another + 20% downforce
    Season 4, ok, another + 20% downforce

    So meaning by Season 5 with the R&D page being empty with no shown upgrades, my car already has a +80% downforce?

    Sounds like a RPG game that attributes is cumulative. :D