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R&D Bug Workaround

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Roberto Costa, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. After 7 patches and still no fix i wonder if anyone know some kind of workaround to solve this problem.
    Sometimes when the enginer says that the R&D has failed, i guess its a "feature" but when you complete the test and he doesn't tell you anything on the practice or qualy, im sure its the "Bugmasters R&D feature".
    On season 2 i had 2 upgrades that worked, after the second everytime i had and upgrade it was an R&D test and i didn't got any new part by the end of the season. Now first R&D with Lotus and no game, haven't even saved my game this time.
    So, if anyone knows how to avoid this problem, please, say it here! :thumbsup:
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I have done the first 3 races, and in Aus and China i got R&D upgrades, but they both failed.
    But I dont think it's a bug. Because i was on the "Agressive" R&D path.
    Because the "Agressive" R&D path rewards parts that will make your car faster, but they have more chance of failure, whilst "Balanced" has less chance of failure but the upgrades wont be as good. And "Defensive" R&D will be even less, but they wont fail as easily.
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  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Topher is right, that's how it's working. All fine, not a bug. :)
  4. I know what you guys are talking about. But to me this is just what CM has done to make excuses lol.

    When you fail a test, lets say, the test is good, but you don't get the upgrade then the engineer says that it has failed and you will not get an upgrade. BUT when you do the test right, and then you don't get the upgrade and the engineer doesn't tell you, im pretty sure it is a bug. Its like it was on 2010 and 11. You pass the test but no upgrade.
    I know that sometimes the test doesn't give the upgrades, but the engineer tells you when this happens. As i said, for my season 2 for example. First 2 tests to Ferrari worked good, i got the upgrades, the bug started at test 3, was an DRS test. I did the same test for 5-6 times more. On the "pre-race" screen i checked the other tracks tests, i was supposed to do aero, brakes and suspension tests, but all the tests when i got to the tracks, were the same DRS test again and no part and no engineer saying anything about it. By the way it wasn't on agressive path, i was on the "moderate" path. Im pretty sure that this means it is the same bug again.
  5. So... nobody??? No workaround? :cry:
  6. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I can honestly say I have never experienced this in any of the 3 f1 games they've made.
  7. Same issue here Roberto, it also was reported a bunch over at CM's forums. Not sure if they addressed it in a patch.

    It's a little annoying tbh. Doing the R&D, having the engineer say you passed, and get no updates after that.
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  8. Well the only difference in 2010 and 11 it was the engineer. He never confirmed if you had succeded or failed. But you still could get the bug. There was lots of workarounds like not forwarding the session, doesn't change the car setup after the test, and even not making a lap time better than the test lap times. But for now i don't see workarounds and when im on qualy and the engineer tells nothing, im sure the bug happened, so i can expect to do the same test again till it works. :confused:
  9. Nice to know that its reported at CM forums.
    I guess this year its making everybody confused because now they say that the test can fail sometimes.
    Im pretty sure about this bug because of this:

    You do the test and pass - On qualy you can see the part unlocked at the car monitor. Also, if you go back to the season screen you'll see some news about the new upgrade
    You do the test and fail - You will not see any news on the season (pre-race) menu and the engineer tells you at the qualy that the part didn't worked.
    So if you do the test and pass it, but at qualy you don't get the information from the engineer that the test has succeded or failed, then the bug started and you will have to do the same test all over again on next tracks untill it works.

    This bug was one of the worst bugs to me and its here again. Now i can't even report it on CM forums because i lost my password and the forum doesn't "remember" my email:O_o:

    EDIT: Just noticed i can log in with my racenet id! :roflmao:
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  10. Same here, I've had no R&D bugs glitches at all on Xbox 360. If I pass, I get the new part and engineer tells me "great job." If I fail, no parts and engineer says "didn't get the data needed."
  11. This is what happens to me when its working. But when the bug happens i have to do the same r&d until the game works. I did a DRS test at least 4-5 times on season 2.When i checked the "pre-race" screen with the tests marked i had to do tests for brakes, engine, downforce and suspension, but when i got to the track DRS everytime. :mad:
  12. Just uploaded a video showing the bug "at work" :mad:
  13. This was really annoying me i was also forced to Do the same engine test instead of Transmission test.
    I really hope CM Fix this by Patch #11
  14. I hope that too. At least now that i've made this video and have it on CM forums, may they start to pay attention to it. 3 years and they still have the good ability to make the same mistakes.
  15. Im not going to spam this forum like it try to do sometimes in CM's forum :devilish:

    Since CM said that patch 11 is probably the last patch and they haven't fixed the R&D bug...

    Does anyone have found a good workaround?

    I had some replies on CMs forum, one workaround worked for my second try, but i wasn't sure it worked because it should or because of the workaround.

    I don't car if the upgrade fail, i just want the game to work so i don't have to repeat the same R&D over and over again.
    If anyone knows something to avoid this problem, please share it. :thumbsup:
  16. so please share the codemasters forum one
  17. Here it is: :thumbsup:

    1.) Do the R&D test
    2.) Drive in to the garage, do not PAUSE-->RETURN TO GARAGE
    3.) Do not set anymore laps, as setting laps faster than laps you set during the R&D objective seems to make you not get the R&D upgrade.
    4.) Do not skip the session - fast forward it to the end.

    I've tried it, for the first time haven't worked, not upgrade success/failure, but at the second R&D i did the same test and it worked. Maybe it really helps.
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  18. this did work , i did not get the upgrade but engineer told me it failed that means it's working
  19. Have a look at the link Roberto posted, there is some very good info there!