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Quitting the STC

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Keith Ettles, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. After the events of the last 2 races both Chris File and myself have decided to quit racing in this series. Why such drastic action?

    From Ross
    Well i dont mind breaking the rules over comments like that

    Good luck to the rest of the drivers and teams, it has been a pleasure to be involved in this series. Many thanks to David and Xose and many others for all the hard work in setting up this series
  2. Come on Ross... really
    I always been silent about this. But this is not the first time you do this. Attacking people. Start acting like a TS and Staff.
    Or otherwise its maybe a good idea to find a new TS for RPM.
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Keith, yet again you keep bringing up everything I say like it's a bad thing, yes I said that - I don't see anything wrong with it in my view, I am not the attacker in this case, rather it's the other way around, since I joined ANE 3 years ago and they kicked me out they have always been on my case, I have remained silent and up until now, I have been the mature one. You can huff away off if you would like to, it really doesn't bother me, but what I can't stand is the constant "Ross why have you said this, why have you said that, you are wrong here?" comments, lay off them - I snapped, like anyone my age would (if not sooner) but you really have just been acting like a little brat around me Keith, whether it's personal or not I don't care - after you guys kicked me out, I decided to reach higher and better things, which I'd like to think I have, but you still remain to tick me off, I help out and contribute to the STC as much as I can, it's the least I can do for the effort put in by David and Xose, but I have very glad you have decided to leave this league as I was considering the same thing myself after reading endless complaints by yourself and other ANE members against me.

    I handled the matter privately, yet you just grassed it out on here to humiliate me so I could lose some of the reputation I gained? I sent it by PRIVATE message for a reason, I'd like to think you and your team would have the decency to keep it private as it was just between myself and Michael.

    Ivo: Can you please link me to these "attacks" as I don't remember them.
  4. Why did Chris ran 200kmh in to a wall after the incident??
    i think he new that he made a big mistake.
    we all can do mistakes but you have to take the penalty.
  5. Last season we had alot of these disccusions and attack in incident threads and PM's.
    I dont go searching for them, got a race to to do.
  6. Seriously, wtf is up with all u that post PM`s sent to u on the forum ?!
    Do u know why PM exist ? Yes, so its possible to send PRIVATE messages..

    First Neil post what i PM`d him, my way of showing him respect was to not post my opinion about how he voted on the forum, and to not break any forum rules.
    Now u do the same against Ross.. I mean, comon.... How lame is this..

    And for u Keith, to support Chris in this mather, its just blindness, or u really dont know how racing works..
  7. Robin, Keith is not talking about the penalty investigation, but about their decision to leave the series.

    Now this THREAD will get closed and STC staff will come with something later today.

  8. Rickard, feel free to open a new thread and illustrate us about "how racing works?" We all amateur guys need the illumination of a Pro. I personally will be really gratefull.

    And sorry, if I get insulted and threated as "insane" via PM, I would complain making it public, of course I would. The matter here is, if you can act as a Team Spokesman (you represent your whole team) that is fine, if you are not able you better leave and give the responsability to another member.

    If you can´t send a PM from the respect, whether the matter is, just don´t send it, and if you can´t discuss from respect, don´t do it. No one gots the whole truth or reasson at any matter you want to discuss and there can always be diferent points of view.

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