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quick setup question

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Piet Dekimpe, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Under braking in some corners if loose the back of the car and it makes me spin.....what parameters can I adjust in setup to avoid that?
  2. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium Member

    Piet, RRRE game contains almost 100 different cars, can you be a little more specific ;)
  3. Try more brake bias on the front of the car.
  4. xnorb

    Premium Member

    This is usually your first action when the car breaks out under braking.
  5. Sorry
    It was with the WTTC 2014 cars.... so front wheel driven cars?
    brake bias was already 62/48 something like that
    I was thinking something with the ARB, spring, etc... but have no idea what does what
  6. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium Member

  7. Beside brake bias following helps:
    - Increase Differantial value for coasting
    - Increase rear aero
    - Increase Toe-In at the rearaxle

    Also an adapted driving style helps a lot:
  8. Be aware that the WTCC cars are extremely prone to lift off oversteer, so if you go off the throttle instantly to start braking, you will have your rear step out.
  9. Left foot braking can usually help - also being aware of the symptoms of lift-off oversteer and how to avoid it.
  10. Or even how to use it to your advantage. :)