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Quick questions about SkipBarber in RF2

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by St3fan, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. St3fan


    1. Why is SkipBarber car on official website 2000 but in game is 2013? Is the 2000 version obsolete and no more?

    In game I see SkipBarber 2013 and SkipBarber SMC. Which one is the regional and which one is the national?
    EDIT: I found the regional and national settings in the tuning menu. But now what is the difference between 2013 and SMC?

    3. The car feels super light in FFB compared with other cars. It feels like the car gives my G27 about 90 degrees of deadzone. I really can't feel anything from the wheel on the straight or turning the wheel a bit. Everything is just a guess work for me now, and this makes it really hard for me to drive. This just feels weird. Any suggestions?

  2. 1. The model is called "Formula 2000", so it's the model name, not the manufacturing year. The car itself is 2013 spec.

    2. Shouldn't be any SMC option. It's probably a leftover third party mod or previous version that hasn't been uninstalled.

    3. To me and many others Skippy FFB is actually one of the best of all rF2 cars. Compare it with for example FR3.5 2014 and you'll see it's a lot heavier than that car. G27 itself has weak FFB engines, so I recommend a newer wheel with stronger FFB or cranking the FFB multiplier up in the settings (not ideal solution).
  3. Do you set your degree of rotation manually? Or let the game controle this?

    Automatic/game controlled.
    Enable "vehicle set" in the rF2 controle setup.
    And tick "allow game to adjust settings". In thr G27 profiler.


    Each car in rF2 uses its own degree of rotation like. For a road car it can be 900 degrees, for a go kart it's +/- 120 degrees.

    You can still adjust the "steering lock" in the car setup.
  4. Counter to the screenshot above be sure to set degrees of rotation to 900. Also I personally set overall effects strength to 106% in Logitech profiler but not sure if that is best practice anymore as I think most might be using min steering force setting in plr file but that is too tweaky for me as it seems very fiddly and subjective as everyone has a different number they use.
  5. St3fan


    Flat6 by default is pretty nice. Same with Spec Miata mod. Same with Corvette C6R. But I find SkipBarber particularly weak in FFB. So I think it's not G27's fault.

    I'm now running higher FFB multiplier, and I do feel a lot more in the center of my G27, but I think I've also lost lots of road feel because of this.

    SMC is in the car selection menu right under SkipBarber. There is a expandable submenu. SMC looks like a set of liveries with some real people's names I think. My RF2 is a fresh install so that should be official content.

    I'm running 106% in profiler, and I'm still not happy with my RF2's FFB most of the time. I guess I may need to spend even more time on it.
  6. Doesn't matter if you tick "allow game to adjust settings". ;)
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  7. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    Run your profiler at 100% with 900 degrees of rotation, grab the RF2 pedaloverlay app and wheelcheck, the min force setting isn't subjective, you use wheelcheck to find out the setting for your individual wheel, your find the program and instructions on use via google it's pretty basic to use

    when your ingame go to options/controls and put the number you got from wheelcheck into FFB minimum torque, thats your min force setting

    go on track and tune the FFB in using the pedaloverlay to see when your clipping