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Quick Question

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by agentmanningctu, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I want to try the game before I invest in a wheel. Is it playable without a wheel?
  2. agentmanningctu,

    I believe a few people that I know actually started iRacing with a flight joystick and/or a controller and were quite running decent times. Maybe some guys that have tried out iRacing without a wheel can chime in here and give you some feedback about that.

    With some really good deals for Black Friday this weekend, you might be able to score a deal on a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel or a MOMO racing wheel which I hear are good entry level FFB wheels for racing. I have a G27 and have been very happy with it for the past 2 years. Just a few thoughts if you haven't tried out a wheel yet. But trust me once you do racing games will never be the same!! :)

    Edit: I'll see if I can find any threads for you in the iRacing forums about others that have been racing with controllers or flight sticks and let you know.
  3. When I started iRacing I used a X-52 without any problems. Now that I have a G25 I would never go back to it but you can certainly use a flight stick or whatever to see if you really want to stick with iRacing and invest in a wheel.
  4. I think its kinda frowned upon if someone isn't racing with a wheel..... I personally think... if someone was using , say a xbox controller instead of a wheel and was a lot faster than me , I would prob class it as a form of cheating or gaining an advantage.

    bear in mind this is only my opinion and I know some will shoot me down in flames ...big style!!!!!!
  5. In titles like iRacing, as it is a sim it is generally regarded that the way to race is with a wheel. Some do use other (accepted) methods of driving.

    I think it's a case of each to their own, as maybe the guy with a controller can't afford a wheel/pedals combo.

    I don't think that the fact that A is quicker than B because he uses a different controller method is cause to class it as cheating. Not shooting you down Scott, but like you, just my opinion on the subject.

    Same as someone who uses auto gears compared to a guy who races with manual gears. If the guy running auto gears was quicker, would you say he was cheating? Or you have a a guy running auto-clutch (as he only has brake/throttle pedal) compared to a guy running full on manual setup and no aids. Would you say the guy with the auto clutch is cheating if he was faster?

    For me cheating is where someone is using some form of assistance that the game/sim does not allow to attempt to gain an advantage. If flightstick, controller, keyboard or wheel are allowed, then so be it.

    As referred to earlier in post, not a flame shoot-down, just my opinion in response to Scott's.