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Quick question about upgrading to V1.15.

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jeff Huber, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Hey guys....I've been out of the driving thing for a little while , so I'm out of the loop on this. I tried to read up on the new V1.15 upgrade and had a quick question.

    I don't see a smaller version of the download any where? Since I already have the sim , is there a smaller file I should be down loading? All I see is a 5-part 5.63GB DL.....am I supposed to download that whole thing if I already own the sim?

    On a side note : The last two days I got to do some driving again in this sim.....I still can't believe how much I simply love this thing! Such incredible work that Reiza and the guys have put into this thing! Gawd I love this thing.....forgot what I was missing!
  2. Nox

    Staff Premium Member

    Hi Jeff,

    In your install folder run the GSC Sync tool and run through that process, it'll update only the necessary files
  3. I must have the wrong Sync file I guess. I've run it and it does the update thing which only takes about 10 seconds and then it says it's done and everything is up to date.

    Is there a newer Gsync file I need to get? I can't figure out which one I'm supposed o DL.
  4. Nox

    Staff Premium Member

    Are you sure it isn't already running version 1.15? What version number do you get at the bottom of the screen, right side, when you load the game?

    You can also try deleting the GSC Sync_Cache folder and retry running GSC Sync.exe.
  5. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri
    Premium Member

    I upgraded GSC to version 1.15 yesterday and what I noticed was that it first needed to upgrade the GSC_Sync file before it could do the sync.

    Upgrading the sync file went quite quick and after that I was able to upgrade GSC. Here are the Property Details of my GSC_Sync file. You should compare it with yours:

  6. Thanks Warren and you others for helping out.

    Weird thing for sure.....but I checked the version number against the one Warren had posted above and it was exactly the same. Tried 3 - 4 different times and It just kept doing a 5 - 10second upgrade and it told me that the update was "successful ". I got frustrated and deleted that Gsync file and went and re-downloaded it......same exact size , same version.....everything....and it worked!!

    I must of had a broken file of some sort , but I got it all updated.

    Another quick question....besides the addition of the V12's......did Reiza make some changes to the way the V8 stock cars drive? I know the view was slightly different , but the car seems " different ". It also feels more " Bumpy " on the track. Like I'm getting bounced around a little more. Rear seems to slip out a little easier as well.....maybe it's my imagination?

    You guys notice any other changes?
  7. Nox

    Staff Premium Member

    Well, you'll have to reset your FOV so that might be it for the view. I'm not sure about the rest, I didn't notice much change if any but I'm no pro
  8. Hehe....I hear ya....neither am I. When i first fired it up it was like my nose was on the windshield. I adjusted it back to the way I had it in V1.10 and it looks good.