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Quick Oval Setup Question

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Josh Barton, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I was wondering, seeing as Im new to ovals, how you set up your wheel for racing. Bascially I ask this as I have noticed that on the ovals to keep the car straight on the straights you have to constantly steer to the right with most setups, do you calibrate the wheel so that it takes this into account (ie calibrate it a little left so when your on the straight your wheel is straight up, whilst the wheel in game is aiming right) or do you just put up with it and steer to the right the whole time?

    Cheers guys.
  2. You don´t constantly steer to the right, it´s the wheel angles making the wheel point in that angle so that when you enter the oval everything becomes "right" again.

    If you always turn right you will soon find yourself out of steering angle.
  3. i just put up with it, but i have thought of doing what u asked which is to calibrate it abit to the left. I dont know how that will work for me though as that would also change how much u have to turn the wheel in the turns.
  4. I leave it alone so that it has the correct 'look & feel' around the track. The tires/pressures are staggered which causes the effect, which is what I expect to happen.

    I suppose you could calibrate it a little offset so that your red stripe etc. ends up at 0 degrees on the straights, but that would be a matter of preference - the car is still going to tend to steer left on the straights and you'll still be 'turning' a little right, its just that your wheel will appear straight. I do believe most NASCAR drivers put the tape on so that the tape is at 0 degrees on the straights/in pit lane.

    Keep in mind, you would probably have to do this for each type of track separately (short, 1.5mi, superspeedways) based on banking and setup.
  5. Yeah I was also under the impression that the real nascar drivers set up the wheel in such a way as to make it appear upright on the straight. Ill put up for now, but I will consider it later on. It can be very annoying on my arms having them slightly cocked the whole time lol
  6. I'd not mess with it. As has been said, you'll have to change it based on track angles, car setups, and then it'll be all cocked when you do flatter tracks or road courses. Just leave it.

    Instead, adjust your hands. Instead of the typical "10 and 2", place your hands at 9 and 1, THEN turn the wheel til your back at 10 and 2. That way you get the gentle right hand turn without your arms being cocked crooked on the straights. And I don't know how the spokes on your wheel are, but I find this places mine so my pinky just barely rests on it. It gives me a little more leverage which keeps me from getting tired on long races, and gives me more sensitivity on the bumps and when I reach the grip limit of the front tires. Try it, you get used to it quick
  7. I have trouble with my wheel simply because the right paddle on my fanatec wheel needs to be pushed exactly right or it doesnt quite go in, kinda forcing my hand in a certain spot, which can get awkward after a while. I had a good setup where I realigned the wheel for some of the lower level nascars, by using the use only for this car checkbox, however my indy cars go on both road and oval so Ive decided Ill just get used to it :)