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Quick IRacing Question

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Andy Smith, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I've just signed up for a 3 month trail. If at the end of it I don't want to continue the subscription would I still be able to test offline any cars and tracks I have got initially or added on later?
  2. no, you will not be able to do that. You have to be able to login to the site in order to do anything unfortunately.
  3. Shame.

    Not going to buy any content if that's the case until I know if I will continue playing.

    Enjoying it so far but not a fan of the pricing model at all. The mechanics and structure I do like.
  4. Try not to get the wrong first impression in the Rookie races. D class isn't any better however, races are great, but the backmarkers are terrible.
  5. Andy what I did at first was look at what I would need for the series I wanted to run and bought everything for that series which gave a pretty good discount. If you buy things one or two pieces at a time it will cost alot more.
  6. Andy, I joined earlier this year for what its worth heres my view because i would do it differently if i started again:

    I wanted to try all the cars straight away and try to get my license then the next one and the next one so i forgot to have fun and was concentrating on SR all the time. Got into the Star Mazda and did a few races then back in the MX5, tried the spec thing. If I stated again I would do a few MX5 races then get the Skippy. Buy the tracks required for a season and concentrate solely on that series and stuck with the D license.
    Instead I raced to a B License, dabbled with all sorts of cars and didnt spend enough time practising. I'm not sure but I think the higher the license you have, the harder it is to increase your IR and SR, but a lot easier to lose it - (I got hit twice on Friday and lost 0.49 SR).
    So my advice, get your D License, race the Skip Barber for a season and remember to enjoy it.
  7. Yes, try Skippy or Mustang (there's not much choice actually). Make sure you buy at least 6 items in order to get the 20% discount. Skippy has the new tire model and more participation, but because I don't like openwheelers, I decided to get Mustang, and I don't regret a thing. It's a beautiful car as well (but it needs A LOT of pratice to get it right). We'll see about the next season though.
  8. Thanks for the tips guys.

    I have just started trialing the solstice and the Spec racer.

    Prefer the spec racer and managed my first no incident race inlineracing cup on the way to a creditable 3rd first race in the Spec.

    It has crazy lift off oversteer but makes you drive properly with smooth inputs and good throttle/break/clutch work.

    Controlling engine revs while downshifting is a revelation to me for some reason. Trying to work on the throttle steer but at least happy that have a couple of new cars and series to run.