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Questions on rf2, just bought from Steam

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by bigfoothunter, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Just purchased rf2 from Steam. $31.99, not bad for a new game. I don't race on-line. I read the Readme in the main folder. In the Mod Manager, I clicked on the Helmut icon, single player, & the game started. Never seen any screen for typing my name in. Usually, that's the first screen I usually see when starting a new game up. I didn't see anywhere I could click on to make a new profile. Is there a way to make a new profile with my name, so I'm not known as " Your Name "?? 2nd: I have an older wheel, Thrustmaster RGT Pro?, after setting up the wheel to work & save it for my new wheel name, I noticed it had 640 degrees. I tried it on the track & as soon as I'd move the wheel a little left or right, it was turning to sharp to quick. It was undriveable. I figured out how to lower the rotation numbers to around 230. It's much better, but still a little to quick. Will lowering the numbers make it better or is there something else I should be adjusting? 3rd: In the Mod Manager, after putting in add-on tracks & cars, can these be simply deleted after your done clicking on install or must you keep them in there? 4th : When exiting Pit Road, in rf1, you just hit the L key to turn it off. What is it now & can I redo it back to the L key? 5th : In rf1, to see the frame rates, I hit CTRL & F to see the frame rates. What is it now? Thanks for any help someone can give me, a Newbie, lol.
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  2. I think rF2 makes use of your steam account for the player name.

    You can have only 1 player profile.

    About your wheel rotation:
    Somewhere in your thrustmaster pro setup profiler there is an option too "allow game to adjust settings"

    Each car in rF2 makes use of a different degree of rotation: this should simulate the real cars degree of rotation. For example a road car can turn it's wheel 900 degrees. A go-kart only a few degrees left and right.

    Any way:
    - Allow game to adjust these setting.
    - And enable "vehicle set" ingame.

    You can turn it off and set it manually. But you'll need to tweak it with each car.

    To adjust the steering: Adjust your wheel lock in the cars setup... :thumbsup:

    Here is an example from a logitec:
    (The last option)
  3. Ctrl-f : try it! ;)

    Most rF1 keyborad shortcuts are still valide. But most assign most used key's to there wheel.

    About the mod-manager: don't know what you want to delete? But if you installed it yourself, you can unistall it yourself.

    Deleting the package in your package folder won't unistall it. To save space on your HD. You can save these else where.

    I'm not familiar with steam workshop content:

    @Marcel Offermans
    Is it correct to say: if you want to unistall/delete content from your install. You just need to unsubscibe from that mod on steam?
    What if you unistall it manually? Will it download/install again, if your not unsubsribed?
  4. Thank You, I'll try these suggestions. Do you know anything about turning off the pit limiter & how to bring up frame rates?
  5. Turning off the pit limiter would depend on the button you assigned to it. In the controller settings menu, you can customise every button you'll need in-game.

    Frame rate will depend on your own preference of graphics settings, as per every other game, but since I don't care much for graphics, the ones I have found that make a significant difference to FPS without making visuals too bad, is turning both reflection settings off, and HDR off. Shadow blur should be lowered too, personally I have turned shadows off totally.

    Turn opponent detail down too if you don't mind that.

    I elaborate that this is only personal preference and you should lower whatever you fancy lowering and test.
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  7. What is the Pit Limiter called in the game menu to assign it? Didn't see anything marked Pit Limiter.
  8. Speed limiter.
  9. Thank You, I didn't see anything labeled PIT LIMITER. While I'm asking questions, what are the 12 custom things under DEVICES for? I have no idea what their for.
  10. I don't remember which settings are under there exactly - I never focus on the different tabs' names. Could you perhaps post a few of those settings here so I have an idea what is under there?
  11. In rF2 it's the "L" key by default. ;)

    Still the same. :whistling:

    ctrl-F ==> frame rate.
    ctrl-X ==> time acceleration. To quickly finish a session or get some rubber on track by AI.

    @Matt Orr
    I think you have "Next Session" and "Finish session" mixed up. :whistling:
    - Next session: will end the session and the grid will be like it is. Like you described in the video.
    - Finish session: will finish the session to the end. AI lap times will be calculated.

    But the Ctrl-X is the best method to quickly end a session. Because of the dynamic road and stuff...

  12. Thank You, Ho3n3r, for your help. Ashamed ISI didn't make a manual to read on what all these things do in the Menu, unless I missed it. If there's a manual, I'd download it to refer to. I found & assigned the Pit/Speed Limiter to my wheel. The first time I went into the game, CTRL+F did bring up the frame rates. I could be wrong, but after calibrating my wheel & changing all the other settings, it seems like that changed something, cause now CTRL+F doesn't work. I think I have all the other things figured out except under: DEVICES=ToggleHW Plugin & there's 12 Custom Plugins to assign along with a few others. I have no idea what they are for. UPDATE: I found the FRAMERATES line to adjust, it wasn't assigned to F anymore, so I reassigned it. It now works. I e-mailed ISI on my big problem, about NO screen to type my name in. Never had a game that the first time you started the game, a screen popped up to type your name in. I'm now known as " Your Name ", lol. Again, Thanks for all your help.
  13. Just looked at the 'Devices' tab, the only one I've ever used on there is reset FFB, and that's in 4 years, so I wouldn't worry about the other ones on there if I were you.

    For the 'Your Nickname' thing, go to rFactor 2\UserData\player and open player.JSON. Look for these lines:

    "Player Name":"Your Nickname",
    "Player Nick":"Your Nickname",

    And replace it with your real name.
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  14. Worth noting that Ctrl-F cycles through several displays: off, framerate, cpu/gpu/memory utilization, and finally, both framerate & cpu/gpu/memory utilization.

  15. Thanks, I'll try that.
  16. Thanks !!!!!!!
  17. sorry to use this thread but i have just a noob question ... where do i find the option to have "ideal line" on a track ? I mean the"most efficient" line with green/yellow/red colors (sorry for my bad english)
  18. Not an option. Best you can do is follow the AI or use the training ghost.
  19. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    The best way is never use it, it is something that creates bad habits. Search for videos of laps in the track you are driving. The braking points are similar in most of the car and the lines are 99% of the time identical.
  20. What you can do:

    Put some AI on track.
    Press "ctrl-x" = time accelerate
    The Real road rubber will give you the AI race line.

    Don't forget to press "ctrl-x" again before you click race. (Unless you're an :alien:) :D