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Questions before buying :)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by -=Magic=-, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Hi, I'm an indie game developer, and I'm very interested to buy this fantastic track builder.
    One year ago, I tried an old demo version and I found it very wonderful to use.

    Now the questions:

    - Which is difference between the Evo and Pro version (if any) ?

    - Also, I read that the license is single user and single machine. about the second one, if I need to install it in a different machine (before Christmas I will change my 3 years old Alienware laptop with a new one), may I transfer the license between the two laptop?

    Just two questions, for now. After buying, I'll post some other questions, and few feature request (from a game dev point of view, about the .x export)

    Have a nice day :)
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  2. I haven't used the Evo version but I think the supported games do not support material blending, so that feature is only present in the BTB Pro.

    Licenses come with a duration, chosen by you. I think you can go as low as one month. You have to submit a hardware ID for each license, so when you get your new computer, run the hardware ID program on that before going online to get the new license.
  3. ??

    are you sure?
    fom the website: Bob's Track Builder Pro is a once only purchase of $AUD 59.95 for a single user, single machine license. Click the Buy button to be transferred to PayPal where you can see the amount converted to your local currency.

    and then if I pressed "pay with paypal".. my paypal account is charged of $59.95.
  4. the license is just an attachement is your machine not you. is so you can't grab many copies of license .and flog them off to your friends.it a safe guard for the producted and the producted is not a multi purchase:)
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  5. Sorry, but I don't understand the sense of your post, maybe your are OT...

    anyway, I can't find anywhere any info about a timed-license. From the website I may buy a "once only purchase of $AUD 59.95 for a single user, single machine license."
    and this is what I'm looking for. If there are other kind of licence, other the one on the official website (like a time-expire), I'm not interested.

    ***** Edit *****
    Ok, I found this post which explain how licence works (and I read that there weere a lot of trouble with this.)

    I would put that post in a "sticky" thread :)

    When you first buy your license there is an option to set how long until renewal.(for example every 4months)
    At the end of that time, in your case, 30th of April, you need to re-apply for another license.
    Do not worry, you never need to pay again.
    If you change your hard drives, CPU or Mainboard during this period BTB will lock you out.
    It is always best to set license renewal periods for only a few months (1 to 4months) in case you ever need to change these parts....
    If you set it to 12 months & change PC or PC parts you could end up waiting a year to use BTB again...
    You can reset the time period when you send for a new license
    Dumb I know but that is how it is, but this is so the builder of BTB can be sure that a license will ONLY be used on one machine at a time....
    When it comes time to re-new license be sure to remove old license from BTB's main folder before running H.I.D again.
    The longest I have ever had to wait for new license is 8hours for & shortest was under an hour.
    Also, you can apply for new license2 days before old one runs out.
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  6. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    in fact. the licence stops afaik 1 week before the actually end date.

  7. Does the BTB require a persistent internet connection? Or just a connection to start?
  8. Only requires internet when 'updating' license... ;)
  9. Even then it doesn't have to be the BTB computer that has the connection. You can use any computer as long as the hardware ID is generated on the BTB computer.
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