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Questions AMS cars and real cars.

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Wedsley Dias, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Two issues here compared to AMS cars and real cars:

    What are the cars that really should have protection (motor / gearbox) to downshift?

    It is normal for old cars (H-Shifter), Auto-Blip and Auto-Lift (on or off) is indifferent? It will always be like off?
  2. ouvert


    I would say that cars that have protection IRL have it in AMS too ..
    Old H-shifted don`t .. no autoblip, no auto lift either .. what cars do you think are wrong?
  3. Thanks. As for H-Shifter cars I know that use manual clutch and no Auto-Blip or Auto-Lift. My question is why these last two options (on or off) are not influencing the FClassic for example.
  4. ouvert


    Formula Classic doesn`t require clutch on upshifting, just lift off (in real life and in AMS) and require clutch or revmatching (in real or in AMS) .. Blip on down shift is optional if you clutch, but not doing Heal and Toe/Blip might upset your car so I would recomend to do it (also H&T is like 80% off fun when driving H-pattern cars)
  5. I agree with you, and also enjoy driving this car as in real life. The problem is that I am setting up another PC with the steering wheel DFGT, which has no clutch. When driving this car clearly I noticed that even activating Auto-Blip and Auto-Lift the car behaves as disabled. I made a simple comparison in the SCE and I could clearly see the difference. Therefore questioned on the issue of these cars adopt these options to off, regardless of the setting in the garage.
  6. ouvert


    there was a bug with autolift of in some cars I think ... I though it was fixed in last patch
  7. I noticed this problem with the FClassic as well, being a DFGT user. I haven't tested it in the latest version however either.
  8. hex


    Confirm. F-Classic needs a closer overall look by the creators. This is probably the oldest official Reiza car (as Formula Armaroli was released back in 2010, though now revamped), so perhaps they tend to skip it while updating stuff ;)
  9. Yep, I am in love with this car since I was still a mod for rF1 (FArmaroli). I liked the new skins added in AMS, but it strange that issue mentioned above. I think it is a bug, and the devs are looking at it, and I also expect an improvement in sounds like turbo for example.
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  10. ouvert


    as far as I know devs are working on new implementation of turbo .. perhaps it will come with new sounds
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016