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Questions about OSD and AI

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Daulat Gana, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. After completing a few races in career mode, i see numbers with green arrow on the screen , what does this mean?

    Secondly , if the AI does not use tyre/fuel simulation in career mode, then why do ppl enable/turn them in career mode and be at a disadvantage. Just turn those off and race in career mode. Am i missing something here.

  2. The green arrows indicate how far up the field that driver has moved from their qualifying position. It will be red if they've moved down the field, if I recall correctly. All it shows is how the finishing order varies from the qualifying order.

    I suspect people run with tire and fuel simulation in order to get the full effect for themselves. They don't view it as a contest in the same way you and I do, and want the added challenge despite the disadvantage it puts them at. I'm not 100% sure on this though, I'm just guessing.
  3. Wait, the AI does not use the fuel and tyre sim in career mode? I thought they did, and I thought I remember seeing something in a post stated that the AI fuel sim was fixed with the patch... I'm confused...
  4. Thanks Lemming77 for your response, no offense but i dont think it has anything to do with qulifying positons becos it even moves up till half the number and stops, currently mine is at like close to 6, i am unable to understand this,i have seen on youtube that this number goes till 10 max. anyone ?

    Could anyone clarify catalinasgrace's question above?
  5. you may be talking about your reputation level going up after a race. If not , i think you'll need to be more specific.

    as for catalina's comment: no fuel sim hasn't been fixed, CM have themselves admitted it after the patch (its somewhere on the official forum), and Tire sim has never worked for ai.

    ppl race with those on because without it, the game becomes too easy and more like an arcade racer, rather than a simracer.
    That said, there are mods for the PC that have 'fixed' fuel sim for ai.
  6. Basically, turning tyre sim off turns the game into an arcade game. You don't have to be careful when you go round corners, you can floor the throttle when leaving corners, and other unrealistic stuff like that. For me, that makes the game super boring.
  7. Yeah - it was supposed to be fixed - and Codies were supposed to have made a whole list of corners where the AI were too slow pre patch. There's no evidence that anything was done about either thing in the patch. And the AI definitely don't use tyre sim for me - if they did, then when my tyres started going off, they wouldn't disappear into the middle distance - when I could easily keep up with them and battle for places earlier in the race.

    It's so infuriating - one more decent patch, and this game will be untouchable in F1 circles.
  8. hell, they could just copy paste all the great mods here and they'd have that patch lol
  9. True - that and fix the tyre/fuel sim and the AI not pitting sometimes - as well as the amount of (game/system) crashes.
  10. for career mode, if you disable tyre and fuel sim.. it becomes an arcade game.. and way too easy to play on..
    so i guess.. if you like to have alteast a realistic (or close to it) its best to drive with tyre and fuel on..