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Questions about MP

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by harsharip, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. I played F1 2012,13 for last two years.I and my friend play it a lot.We like to play 100% races,No assists ,both play on G27,s:cool: and most importantly we only play duels,because we want fair and square racing.

    We both bought AC and we were hoping for MP,so that we can continue our MP duels;)

    We got a confirmation that AC will have dedicated servers.

    • We both are from India,so we don't have the experience of MPs in Dedicated servers.:confused:
    • And we don't have super fast internet connections too.Just 2Mbps(Its very good in Indian Standards)
    I just wanted to clear things out and wait for the 1.0 Launch.Please give us an idea if you can answer

    Thank You:)
  2. Well, other than what has been announced by Kunos no one knows how the MP will work. But having said that, I see no reason why you can't add each other as friends on Steam an play head to head. We'll just have to wait and see.
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  3. Stelios


    My guess is no, you cant play together by creating a lobby except if you :
    Get a dedicated server up with a password and then join it.
    Find an empty server and join it. (but then you will have more people joining)
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  4. If it works like NKPro, you can start your own server, password protected, even from your PC and share the password with your friend(s), the only limit should be your bandwidth ;)
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  5. I see no reason why you wont be able to host your own private server, and your friend connect to it via your IP or search for the server name. It doesnt mean you need a 'super computer' server, just the ability to host a game, which should all be part of the MP roll-out from Kunos.

    I know we dont know anything about MP for sure, but its got to be something along these lines.
  6. So you mean to say that.I can just host a lobby share it to my friend just I do in F1 2013?
    If yes that would be great
  7. harsharip no lobbys, it will real dedicated Server^^
  8. Essentially yes. There are variations and different terminology (forget lobbys!!) and as mentioned earlier we wont know exactly how Kunos will implement MP, but i will eat my G27 if its not a variation of:

    1) You or your friend run up a server on yours/his machine.
    2) You both connect to it
    3) You race against each other

    This will probably be achieved by:
    1) A 'run dedicated AC server' program which sets the server up on your local machine, you then both connect to the server through AC, or
    2) Some nice in-game way to do it, rather than a separate dedicated server program, or
    3) Some other way via Steam, or
    4) All/some/none of the above :D
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  9. Yeah, this and set a password so strangers don't show up.

    The main reason to use a hosted server is that the number of cars on the server is limited by its download/upload rates - other games recommend ~100kb/s per driver so I'd expect AC to have a similar recommendation. Whereas just to connect to the server, you only need that speed once.
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