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Questions about fuel load/tyre simultation

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nicolas van de Velde, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Hi, I've got a few practical questions about the effects of the simulations during different races (with all sims on):

    1. Concerning the throttle map:
    I noticed you can play 10% races on the fast setting all the time without running out of fuel, during 20% races I've never tried this before. Do you run out of fuel if you keep it on fast? What about the 30-40...% races, how many laps can you do on the fast setting and still be able to finish the race?

    2. Warming up the tyres:
    During quali, does weaving on your outlap to increase the temperature actually increase the tyre's performance? The status display always shows my tyres as green, wether I weave or not...

    3. I forgot my third question lol. I'll edit this post whenever I think of it again.

  2. 1. Fuel sim is proportional to the distance, hence technically you can run out at any race %. Ive had fuel shortages on anything from 20% and up - i don't do 10%'s as they don't have pit stops. Track, driving style, setup, and offs can all impact fuel use. There is no 'rule' as such for avoiding fuel shortage, although auto gears seem more forgiving than manual gear on fuel usage.

    Try running a 50% distance at Valencia on fast for the whole distance and see what happens. If you don't get fuel issues there, it's unlikely you will get them anywhere. I only know auto boxers who can do that. I'm manual and I get a fuel light driving the whole thing on standard map!

    2. Nah weaving will probably just wear the tyres rather than heat them up. If Codies had employed tyre temps, they would have needed to consider tyre pressures, which is a major fail of this game.
    Track temperature affects your grip, but I'm pretty sure there is no heat simulation of the tyre itself, just track evolution which does affect things.
  3. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Fuel: I am moving from Auto to manual at the moment. Having driven 3 seasons in career and 25 plus mulitiplayer races in auto 50% dist I never ran out anywhere and use the fast map always except wet weather (then std or cruise in extreme wet) or badly worn tyres.
    In my experience the prime tyre takes two laps to get to its best performance. The green light will come on earlier (seems pretty basic) but when it hits the sweet spot you get a verbal advice from George and the grip is better in my view..
    I usually do two laps on cruise map when heating the primes and some extra braking.
    There is quite a bit of other stuff on these two topics in the guide I wrote so you might also want to have a read.
    Its on a sticky thread above
    Happy racing.
  4. So far I didn't have any problems with running low or completely out of fuel. I done about 10 online races today at 20% on fast and the fuel light didn't even come on at all by the end of the race, I currently use auto as I play on xbox with controller and hate the controller layout which cannot be customized.... Really need a wheel. I will give 50% races a try and even try loading less fuel to see if I can finally run out lol.

    I'll have a read over David's guide as well to see if I can get any usefull info from that, thanks David for the work you put in to it!
  5. Thanks for the input guys! I've been doing mostly 20-30% races (online), during which I use the fast setting on the first few laps, the in/out lap and if I want to catch up with some guys ahead. I noticed that by the end of the race I usually got the fuel indicator flashing yellow so I thought maybe setting it at fast throttle all the time would burn all the fuel.
  6. You can customise your controller layout on XBox; set your preset to custom and scroll down each function and press A and then the button you want to activate that function.
  7. Ahh sweet!!! I never seen this before, thank you so much. Now I can change gear shifts to the bumpers and get some practice in, I just bought a wheel from ebay though so the controller will be getting thrown in a cupboard when that arrives :D
  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I have had fuel issues at both 50% and 100% races when only using the fast map setting. There are a number of factors that effect this not least the track that you are at. I have run out of fuel around two-thirds of the way around the last lap in online races whilst using manual gears at both Bahrain (100%) and Hockenheim (50%). Both times I just about managed to get my coughing \ spluttering car to the finish line before losing my position. The best indicator of where this is likely to happen is in practice sessions running 10 laps of fuel and using the fast mapping, if you run out of fuel before the end of your 10 laps then you will run the risk in the race too. I have also experienced fuel issues at Hungary and Canada in practice where the car starts it's coughing fit around half to two-thirds of the way around the 10th lap.

    Using manual gearing I think if you always let the engine rev indicator reach it's full extent before changing gears you are using more fuel and therefore I tend to shift slightly earlier.. it does make a diifference. I tend to run most of the race on fast mapping but choose parts of the race when I am not chasing someone down, defending position or coming into or out of the pits to run standard mapping for a number of laps just to make sure I have enough fuel for the duration of the race.

    That’s my experience of the fuel issue anyway.
  9. Hi guys, I've got a quick question: is Hungaroring a track in which you risk running out of fuel? I'm thinking of 50% duration and Fast engine mapping, tyre sim on, aids off but Automatic gearbox.
    For a comparison, I ran out of fuel in Valencia at the last lap on 50%, didn't in Hockenheim. I didn't have issues on both tracks on 20%.
  10. I get a fuel light there, not run out yet tho! You probably be fine with an autobox.
  11. Thanks Paul! I'm going to race in an online champ later so I'll be back with feedback :D
  12. I run 20% races, always on fast and have never had the light come on at any track
  13. Got to the end of the 50% race with no issues (not even low fuel) thanks Paul!
  14. Same. And I drive in manual.