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Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by SpaceWhaleJman, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. can someone give me a download to the original fe1 folder in the cars directory, mine seems to have been wiped by my computer :/
  2. delete fe1 folder and go to "repair"mode on your disc, you will have the original after repairing ;)
  3. thank you :)
  4. one more question, by repairing am i going to have to install the mods i had in again?
  5. If you wont take any chance, re instal the game in an other folder, take the file missing in the other one, and delet the second instal
  6. it worked i got the fe1 folder back, i was just wondering if my other mods would get erased.
  7. Well, i think in the repairing the disc will install only file you deleted and no need to install the other mods again ;)
  8. I'd try re-installing patch 1.2 first. Repairing will eat you a lot of time and there were changes in patch 1.2. Try that first. If it doesn't work - repair your game, but yes you'll have to re-install all the patches. Install 1.2 again. It's like a new game installed. :)