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Question to PRO's out there :)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Fernando Zart, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Hi, sorry if this question sounds noob (I'm a netkar and GTR racer, just a few laps on rFactor before, so yes, I'm a noob).

    Since GSC is based on ISI's engine, and there isn't a manual for it yet, I found an rFactor manual and read it trying to understand what are the meanings of the bars and colors of the "tire hud" that appear during race. I don't know if GSC follows the same principles and codes, so I'll ask:

    1) rFactor manual states that when horizontal bar colors representing the tires are RED, it means that the tires are at perfect (race) temperatures. Can someone confirm this? (RED seems to mean "danger" to me, something like "overheating", and trying to keep them red all the time is very hard. Other sims always refer to 80C being an ideal temperature, but red here means something like 100C).

    2) At the outer side of each tire, there is a green vertical line shown formed by 6 dots. During race, these dots begin to turn black from bottom to top, so I suspect that this must be the "wearing indicator". rFactor manual says that when this line is orange, then the tires will be worn, but in GSC they just get black, instead of orange. May I assume that each black dot represents 16,66% of the "tire's allowed wearing band" (100/6)?
    (According F_Reiza_Engineering_Manual_trimmed, at 70% - roughly two black dots? - the tire is at his limit.)
  2. Hi joker,

    The tyre temperature indicators vary from mod to mod (Game Stock Car being functionally the same as an rFactor mod in this regard). With all the different variations that have been tried to improve tyre physics, it is not surprising that the optimum temperature colour has changed. It seems to me that a bright purple is a good temperature, at 80-90C. Then again, I might just be slow :tongue:.

    As for the 6 dots, you are correct they are 'wear' indicators. Each of the blips in turn will become black as the wear increases, and the remaining indicators will begin to change colour to give an 'at-a-glance' indication of tyre wear. Try setting the tyre wear to X7 in the options menu and then running some laps to see this in action.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Hi Sam. Thanks for the info. Agree with you on the tire temperatures... they seem to have more grip at around 80-90C. OR we both are slow. :tongue: