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Question regarding DFGT

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Frank Brasse, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Frank Brasse

    Frank Brasse
    Work is the curse of the drinking class

    I am a total noob to simracing and I want to buy my first wheel because AC just blew me away. Even with a 360 Controller it feels so much more alive and than any other racing game I played (mostly Forza4, PS 3, GT4/GT5), so I cant wait to see how it feels with a wheel. I thought I should not go too crazy with my first wheel but should make my first experiences with something decent, but not too expensive.
    The Logitech DFGT seems to be a good starting for beginners, atm it ist about 125€ on amazon. What do you think, are there better products in the range < 150€?

    But I have 2 Questions regarding the Logitech DFGT, maybe someone can help with:

    - I want to install the wheel on my desk, but the desk plate is about 5cm thick. Would the holding clamps of the DFGT fit, how far do the wheels clamps may be spread (excuse my bad english)?

    - How disruptive/strong are the FFB Effects of the wheel - is my whole desk (which is a pretty solid old one) going to shake? Is a Wheelstand (can' afford a Racing Seat atm) recommandable anyway instead of mounting the wheel to my desk?

    Help is appreciatet, thanks in advance
  2. DFGT is a great wheel to start and even to keep forever. There are better wheels but you will get most of the experience with the DFGT. Depending if you are looking for immersion or performance. For performance DFGT is all you need.
    The clamping system on the DFGT is as good as it gets, if 5 cm is a little too little you can always add a little plank to give more thickness.
    The clamps are slightly less wide than the wheel body. No worries about checking your desk too much and if too extreme you can always lower the FFB, this a SIM wheel not an exerciser.
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  3. Frank Brasse

    Frank Brasse
    Work is the curse of the drinking class

    That's what I was hoping for, thanks.
  4. Dan ONeill

    Dan ONeill

    Just a word of caution if I'm not too late, don't over tighten the clamps as they are plastic and will eventually snap.
    I also managed to snap my T500 clamp too! Hard mounted now though, much more solid.

    DFGT is a great wheel, for the money you can't go wrong! Try to place a rubber mat or something under your wheel so it won't slide, that's how I had to keep on tightening the clamps.
  5. Mine has been mounted on a desk for over three years now...clamps work fine, wheel itself is pretty bulletproof.....You will want to upgrade the pedals as soon as possible, though; and a proper upgrade (Fanatec's) will cost a couple hundred dollars.
  6. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    For a new wheel and the price range you're looking at there really isn't anything else better than the DFGT.
  7. Frank Brasse

    Frank Brasse
    Work is the curse of the drinking class

    Thanks for the advice. In the end I went for the G27, but had a terrible customer experience. Bought it new from a warehouse deal, it came in a package that had clearly been opened before. At first sight the whel and pedals looked ok, although slightly used (scratches). When I installed it, I couldn't get the FFb to work, no matter what and I'am not a pc noob. The Wheel iniated correctly by Win8.1 and the Logitech Profiler and I could configure wheels and pedals, but that's were it stopped. I tried everything - and by now despise the Logitech support as they weren't helpful at all. I did't open the wheel to not endager the right to send it back and thanks to amazon got my money back.
    Then I decided to give them a 2nd chance as I understand that the G27 is the quasi standard wheel for simracers and there must be a reason for it. I bought it again new, and to make a long story short, this time it came broken again! Same defect, and to make absolutely sure there is nothing wrong with my pc, a friend of mine lend me his Fanatec CSW with Pedals - all installed and properly working within 30 minutes.

    So I guess I may have been extremely unlucky with the G27, and could try again (a DFGT worked also just fine), but I don't need the hassle and found the support extremely lacking.
    So I've decided now to save up for a Fanatec setup as I liked it very much from the short testing (the pedals are awesome), which means 2,5 months more racing with a 360 Controller, hopefully i have more luck this time - and hope to see u on the track afterwards.
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  8. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    your probably the only guy who says logitech customer service is lacking, thats not to say youve not had a bad experience you have, i wouldnt give up on logitech at all, for the one bad experience youd probably have years of great experience, fanatec arent in the same ball park as logitech customer support, mainly due to size of company so hopefully if you buy a fanatec you dont get any of the countless faults that spring up because then youll probably wish youd they had logitech support :D