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Question on Pit Request

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by TR6speed, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I was winning the race in China by about 30 seconds over Hamilton and with 10 laps remaining and it started to rain. I stayed out until I could see my lap times dropping off due to the track getting wet. I was told to pit for rain tires when I felt I needed them. When I did request to pit I came in and I got a new set of primes not rain tires. I went from 1st to 24th in about 2 laps because I could not stay on the track with the slicks.

    Now for my question, I have looked through the game manual and I found under Pit Stops, it says that you can select the tires you want from the in-race Selection menu. Where is that I cannot find it. I have a button on my wheel for Pit-in but I am lost as to how to request a tire compound.
  2. Dou you have a D-Pad on your wheel? That's your "In-Car Options-Menu" for selecting Tires press any key on the D-Pad then down and then select between prime (up), Option (right), intermeds (left) or Heavy Rain (down)... I Hope i got that right, but you can see which direction selects which Tires.

    Also you can select your Engine-Map and Front-Wiong adjustment via the D-Pad

    If you don't have a D-Pad on your wheel you can find that Menu on the numbers-block on your Keyboard (8,6,2 and 4 for up, right, down and left)
  3. Thanks for the reply. Not sure what you mean by D-Pad. I have the Momo Racing wheel (Red one). I only have six buttons, but if it is available in the number pad that helps.
  4. D pad (directional pad) is something like this -


    Alternatively use the numeric keypad for the same thing. Most have the arrows printed on too.
    Or just setup whichever keys you want in the edit controls bit.
  5. This system is so frustrating. I was in 2nd in a similar situation except the other way around (started off real wet), and it became clear that things were improving quite a bit in terms of conditions, so I requested Prime Tires from the menu, then requested a Pit-In. I go in and they give me Intermediates. So I had to do my best to fend off a bunch of cars in Intermediates, which of course deteriorated like crazy on the dry surface.... I lost 3 spots and felt lucky to have only finished 5th.

    And to add to the list of complaints about the system, this was on Valencia... OK I am pretty new to the game so maybe it's just way more difficult for me since I'm just trying to keep control of my flipping vehicle, but there are no real straights on Valencia! It is difficult to find a time to do it... and if you don't complete the entire process within a couple seconds, it takes you back to square one. So frustrating. If they're not going to offer the opportunity to use VR/the headset, then let us do that stuff in the pause menu!
  6. Its actually worth practicing altering these things, that way it will become second nature when you are driving. You wont need to think about it, you will just know left, up, up is fast map etc, rather than needing to see what you are doing.