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Question on how to set option for actual brake pressure vs GSCE response

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. I need some advice. I really like using the RioMotecH load cell on my T500 brake pedal.
    But I have developed a inguinal hernia from other activities and
    I can not push hard enough anymore without creating too much internal ab pressure
    I still want the linear response on the brake and dont want to remove the load cell.
    In Assetto Corsa, no problem, there is a control to set the brake in value of say 35% to be max braking and I just have learn a new pressure to avoid lock up.
    But I want to use GSCE and I dont know how to change the % Any ideas?
    I can change the value with the external program DIView but it does not seem to
    change inside GSCE.
  2. Try using DXTweak2 and mess with the brake value although i think you lose resolution the lower you set it to.
  3. I need something that allows ,me to run AC and GSCE since I swap back and forth.
    DIView seems to allow tweeks that at the DXTweak2 might do.
    What I do is make a change and then look at the brake bar graphic in the GSCE controls to get fast feedback.
    GSCE seems to ignore DIView sat setting even when I set the value to 10% in DIVIEW.
    DIView shows the brake press moves values for the Y axis.
    But in GSCE in controller 3, changing Y does nothing.
    I can not find the Logitech version (safe version) of DXTweak2 for W7.
    I guess I will have to use AC all the time now unless others have ideas.
  4. DXTweak worked for me in GSCE when i forgot to lube my brake pedal for awhile on my Clubsport Pedals and the foam piece was basically stuck in the bore absorbing all the pressure i would put in, so i got DXTweak and turned it way up and it worked fine until i realized what the actual problem was. That and if you want to change it back for AC you can just click axis default.


    That should work, there arnt any updates for it to officially work for Win7 but i run Win7 and it works just fine. I'd give it a shot but if it doesnt work than oh well.
  5. thanks