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Question from a friend

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andi Mann, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. A friend has wrote me this message: When online I have a problem with Race 07!!
    Some time ago I created an account on Steam but the online thing does not work.
    I can see the servers in the lobby but when I join my name doesn’t show and all cars are invisible.
    Also all values in setup are set to “0” and I can’t change them.
    Any ideas on what could be the problem?

    I ve no idea
    thx for help
  2. Hello, you're the Andi from last time in mini at Magny-Cours ?

    Can he post an screenshot on a multiplayer session ? I have no idea for the moment :(
  3. i emailed the link to this thread to him

    andi mann my name ingame
    i think it was me

    cya thx
    enjoy life...race fast
  4. Ah now i remember......magny cours on Gamers-Crib Mini Server....We had a nice 6 laps long VERY FAIR "Fight"..I Hope to see you there once again...I be there pretty often in the middleeuropean eveningtime...Cya
  5. ;) .
  6. !!!done!!!!!

    Thanks a lot Andy for your interest in my problem[​IMG]

    I have made a reinstall and also deleted the profile folder.
    The problem with the setups seems to be ok now[​IMG]
    But the online problem is still the same.[​IMG]

    I tried to join the gamers crib server while others were in. My name didn’t show in the “session standings” and I seemed to invisible to every one. After a while (4-5 min) I was disconnected from the server.

    I’m getting tired of this game as it is apparently not meant to be….. for me!!

    Update: It's my antivirus program that is giving me trouble[​IMG] When I'm running the game without everything works!!
    F-secure through my internet provider.