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Question for ppl who run 100% races

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Karl Fuss, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    How much slower is your lap time with a full tank of gas on a 100% race?

    I do 50% race distance in my career and while running P1 last night at Silverstone i decided to fill up (52 laps of fuel) and see the lap time difference (this is the first time i have done this). I was astonished to see a lap time 7.5 seconds slower! The car felt like a brick and was near impossible to turn and slow down. I have never felt the car like that at the start of a race and am wondering if i should have only filled up half way?

    I have read that 1 lap of fuel adds up to a tenth of a second per lap (sometimes it's a bit less). That said, 52 laps of fuel should add about 5.2 seconds to the lap time not 7.5

    In my season so far i notice i am usually btwn 3-4 seconds a lap slower at the start of the race. If i start running 100% race distance should i expect to be 7-8 seconds a lap slower at the start?
  2. Im pretty sure its all relative mate. A full tank on 100% gives the same performance impact as a full tank on a 50% race. Same with tyre wear.

    Dont forget, that the tyres and track evolve during sessions, so you will initially lose time for other dynamic reasons as well as fuel load.
  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I thought this was the case, so when I wanted to test race distance fuel I filled up thinking that would simulate race conditions. But it seems if you are running 50% races and want to test race distance fuel in a practice session then you should only put in half a tank.
  4. I notice difference in lap times towards the end of an 100% race especially at fast circuits like Canada, Melbourne, Valencia, New Delhi, Interlagos etc. Despite the fact I have worn tyres.
  5. that wasn't true in F1 2010, I think, same here. If ur running 50% race, you are taking fuel for 50% of distance. Same with tyre wear this year - they are adjusted. On 20% races we are able to do 5-6 laps with one set of tyres, on 100% it's around 10-13.

    I'm finding car with full fuel load slower like you around 7 secs. Undriveable? No :) You just need good setup and practice.
  6. I ran 50%, short weekend, Williams, and professional AI on first season. Now on second, I run 100%, long weekend, McLaren, and legend AI. I didn't actually compare the fuel load but it does feel like it's much heavier in the beginning now that I run 100%. I overshot the corners often first time I ran 100% race. But I think it effects the AI more... I put like 3 seconds per lap on rest of the field at the race start. I don't know why it's so much easier to win races now in my second season despite the legend AI. Is it because of McLaren?
  7. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Well, not undrivable, but definitely a lot heavier from 50% fuel. Understeer in the corners is way more noticeable.
    And i hope by "good setup" you don't mean 11/11 suspension.... that's one of the reasons i am not racing online at the moment. (well, that and the penalty issues)
  8. 50% races don't scale the same as 100% in terms of fuel. Start a 100% race full on fuel and your braking points will move a long way back, and turning will feel very sluggish. 50% I don't really notice. I think fuel doesn't scale at all.

    Not actually checked out the changes in laptime. Just know I'm slower...
  9. 11/11? nope, I'm using always 4-8 springs. I hate driving 11/11, too low stability, which is needed in 100% races. In good setup I mean higher wings... I'm using always wings bigger than 6 (except tracks like Canada or Monza). In Turkey it was 8/11. Slower, but more stable, and fuel load is not affecting racing so much.
  10. Yeah I did a 100% race as Lewis Hamilton on Abu Dhabi a few weeks ago. Starting on the options, I opened up about a 15 second gap before the first pit stop. It seems in 100% races that the AI are more cautious on the fuel load than the other distances, even though in all distances the fuel load weighs the same, just burns off at different rates. Around half way through, the AI began pushing to do 1:41s to 1:39s.