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Question for people playing F1 2010 on PS3 with G27

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by nali, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hello

    I don't want to start a debate here, Fanatec 911 S vs G27, but just need some feedback from people playing F1 2010 on PS3 with G27.

    I have been playing F1 2010 on PS3 with Fanatec 911 Turbo S since the game came out.. After the patch from CM and a firmware update from Fanatec, its plays real good, the FF is awesome.. Recently been having some issues with the wheel and knowing about Fanatec weak support plus always out of stock products and cost, I was thinking about buying a G27. I had a G25 for years when I played rfactor, GTR, etc and regret selling it.

    What I wanted to know is HOW is the FF, on F1 2010 with G27 on PS3, can you feel the bumps, oversteer, understeer, grips, etc any info would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I will say, the FF effect on the G27 will be similar to G25 except its smoother and less noisy generated from the motor inside the wheel.

    If you are happy with the FF effect on your current G25, the feel will be identical. What i will suggest is, if you currently already own the G25, its not "that" big of an improvement.

    But still, G27 is a good wheel. Of you may want to consider to keep your Fanatec because Forza 4 may be released in the near future and i doubt it will support the Logitech wheel. :)
  3. Thanks DikiDino

    I never played F1 2010 with G25, had sold it way before the game came out, I am keeping the Fanatec, but wanted to know "how are the force feedback effects" on G27 playing F1 2010 on PS3
  4. I dont play it on PS3 as mine is on the PC. But i have to say the FF effect for this game on the PC is pretty good. As those effect that you listed, its all there and it feels pretty good.
  5. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    I have the G27 and a Turbo S, and a GT2, the G27 FFB feels very notchy , unrealisitc and plasticy compared to the Fanatecs.

    I too had a g25 years ago and i remembered it as being as excellent wheel but things have moved on.

    The FFB effects in the g27 are way too rattly IMO, its like a bag of spanners being shaken.

    The g27 is consigned to the attic as a result.
  6. WOW

    Thanks James...