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question for buttkicker owners

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Frank Herfjord, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. I'm considering buying a buttkicker system, but I notice that prices in the US are half what we pay here.

    What transformers do they use - are they compatible with Euro 240v, or will I need a 240v to 110v stepdown converter?
  2. Frank,
    This is Randy - I work for the Guitammer Co who makes the ButtKicker product line.

    It depends which system you're looking at. If you are buying our stuff outside the States, your dealer/reseller should have the appropriate equipment.

    Our large, ButtKicker LFE Kit has a 240Volt version - just make sure that your reseller specifies that though. A long time ago we made an amplifier for this Kit that was 120/240 convertible, but that is no longer the case.

    Our new, Wireless ButtKicker Kit, which is the perfect kit for Sim Racing IS convertible. Units we send to dist. overseas should have Kits that are preset to the appropriate power setting. If not though - all you have to do is switch out the fuse and get a plug adaptor. You can watch a review of this Kit by Shawn at InsideSimRacing.tv - I think it's episode 37. This Kit was recently officially licensed by NASCAR and is also available on the webstore at NASCAR.com (as well as other online retailers - you'll probably have to find one in Europe though).

    Let me know if you have any other questions about ButtKicker products.

    Randy Mullins
  3. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Frank why you want to be butt kicked?
  4. Thanks Randy, I'll get the Wireless kit, then!

    I do have another question: what do you think might be the best way to mount one beneath a car seat in a sim rig?
  5. Is the ButtKicker BK-GR Gamer ever coming back or is it out of production indefinitely and replaced by the wireless BKA300? I've had this on my wish list at Amazon for months and if I google for it nobody else has it except merchants that are gouging. I'm in the US by the way...
  6. Adam,
    I understand your concerns - trust me, you're not the only one.

    We're actually re-doing the amplifier. The updated ButtKicker Gamer will be shipping in time for this holiday season. Originally, it was supposed to be back out last spring, but we're running behind schedule quite a bit for various reasons.

    The amp will be greatly improved - about half the size, lighter, convection cooled (No Fan), and built rock-solid. It will also have a wired remote control so that you can tuck the amp out of sight and still turn it on/off and adjust the intensity.

    I would still recommend the new Wireless ButtKicker Kit for a Sim Rig though. The Gamer was really designed to shake something the size/weight of an office chair with a person in it. Most Sim Rigs are pretty big. I suppose for a smaller sized rig you might be able to use the Gamer effectively, but then you run into issues with mounting. The Gamer only has that clamping arm, while the ButtKicker Advance (comes w/ the wireless kit) has a multi-directional mounting bracket as well as a mounting plate to use it w/ pretty much anything.

    So, look for the Gamer around late October/Nov.. The absolute first place it will be available is our direct webstore. I recommend going to the Gamer product page there and registering to receive and immediate update when it's back in stock. http://www.buttkickergear.com/product_p/bk-gr.htm

    Again, let me know if you have any more questions. This is really the first time we've published that information about the new Gamer amp online, so I really really don't mind if you help spread the word :)


    Randy Mullins
    Twitter: @thebuttkicker
  7. G'day fellas,

    Here a couple of pics of my Butt-kicker Gamer mounted underneath my Playseat. I just bolted a 24mm socket onto a piece of 4mmx40mm flat steel bar which was in turn bolted to the underside of the seat frame. The whole setup works great with sims like GTR EVO, the only problem I have with it at the moment is that it doesn't work very well with iRacing (my favourite). iRacing just doesn't seem to have enough deep bass content to get things going.

    Anyway I hope these pics give you an idea of how you might tackle the job:





    Grant. :)
  8. Grant - Awesome setup!

    Usually people figure out a way to clamp the Gamer sideways onto the front, horizontal bar under the front of the seat. It works, but you really get the best ButtKicker effect with the Gamer mounted vertically like you have it.

    The ButtKicker is basically a single piston - so with the ButtKicker mounted sideways, its energy is going Left and Right instead of Up and Down. Generally, you'll feel more from the later.

    Randy Mullins
    The Guitammer Company
  9. Thanks Randy.

    I'm still experimenting with getting some good settings that will help get a better experience in iRacing, I'll post them up if I hit on a good setup, there is a definite lack of deep bass content in that sim.

    It's a pity the Buttkicker webstore doesn't ship outside US/Canada, I was just going to order some isolators and grab a T-shirt when I noticed the shipping policy.

    C'mon guys, the World ain't that big anymore!! :)