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Question For ASR

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by kahnekid9, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. I have a 360, and my league is moving to arca after Nascar 09 servers get shut down. So I am gonna try to buy this game but I need to know the minimum requirements, not sure if my Dell Windows XP that I have will run it. Please someone reply, and is a new version of the game coming out that will cost $50 or will there just be an update??? Thx

  2. Need to know your specs, our website shows minimum requirements: www.thesimfactory.com

    The new version will be a subscription model with all content included, and allowing online play with a current registered account. There will be yearly subscriptions. Depending on when we release will determine the prorate given to new users and such (if you buy in Sept 2010 and we release in Nov 2010, then you get 10 months subscription would be an example, but not necessarily the final result yet).
  3. alright so like u said, i pay $50 in September, and then I get the 12 months, but after that is up, how much do i have to pay after that when the subscription is up. And the subscription I have in september will also get the new content in november?
  4. Details are not finalized yet, but assume it will be the same each year, $50.
  5. (Details are not finalized yet, but assume it will be the same each year, $50)
    I could live with that and feel Like a King at the same time. Thanks for the info.