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Question about watching live broadcast

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by gokudera, May 22, 2010.

  1. Mod i have click the live broadcast stream link but the video always says the streams is offline.
    Got any other link to watch or other websites?
  2. cus of no races.
    BultiBC might suddanly have some races, but FSR dont have any before later today
  3. The race schedule say FSR World Series 4.30pm multibc should play live on that.
  4. And it will ;) that's still a couple hours away though.
  5. The broadcast isnt on till the race. Tune in later today and it will be on
  6. you mean your race time is usa time? Because i am from singapore can tell me the timing on singapore time or can teach me how to usa time to singapore time? I am a rookie you know.
  7. Ok Thanks i know already thanks for teaching and links
  8. erm is there a live race right now cause i click the stream 1-4 all say offline so got any other ways to watch them live?
  9. See live broadcast section on our main website formula-simracing.net . THere is a GMT clock with the race times from our divisions, so you can see when a race will be.

    World Trophy race is in about 2 hours from now.:cool: