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Question about VR

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by TOOOSKI, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Will AMS support VR in future???
  2. yes
  3. Well that was easy :p
  4. Guys over at Reiza said that they want to support VR, but there are many obstacles that will have to be overcome. Personally, I am really hoping they manage to implement at least a very basic but practical solution. I am definitely investing in VR by the end of next year and it would be a shame if every time I wanted to play AMS I would have to make a choice between VR or my pathetic 22'' screen.
  5. You don't have to make a choice if you don't buy VR ;)

    Seriously, though, I don't see the problem being VR in AMS but rather people buying VR for other games and then not being able to run VR in AMS.

    This is a valid distinction because I will not be buying VR as I am simply already too addicted to sim racing as it is and have been for nearly 10 years.

    Do I really need more than I have now? Nope. Has the release of AMS instantly doubled the quality of my short list? Yep. Could VR add to my experience? Perhaps.

    The efficiency with which the human race generates new problems is absurd. Having said that I completely understand how VR will be more important to casual gamers because immersion will not come from nuance and concentration. And this brings DX11/12, VR, graphics to the forefront of the sim racing debate and, sadly, development as devs can no longer emphasize the hard core because of additional fragmentation of an already niche of a niche game category.
  6. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    Buy a SimPit Icarus Avenger Projection screen and you never want to wear such strange glasses anymore. I had a DK2 as well...and it's fantastic in terms of immersion and presence....but I am much more happy with the Icarus Avenger. It's very immersive as well and I still can see my tablet dash, my wheel, my shifter, the ashtray, my Red Bull Can, my watch.... etc...
    I my opinion VR is overhyped and will end the same way 3D TV did...

    See the Icarus Avenger in action
  7. The thread is about to start now... :roflmao:
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  8. @Marcel Kleene I get dizzy by just looking at warping that screen produces (although maybe it's just the video perspective).
    It takes up a whole room and it is more expensive than a VR headset. (+shipping is 1/3 of the setup price which is just silly)
    Practicality and price is definitively on VR side.
  9. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    Gabriel, you might be right in terms of Price and Practicality... but the warping is perfect in real... it's just on videos getting a bit of a fish eye effect. At the end everything are personal preferences... some will love VR, some not... but I still think same as with 3D TV will happen with VR. Me, personally I got very Motion Sick with DK2, so for me projection screen is better. Plus all the advantages I mentioned..to see my dash, my wheel, my drink, my ashtray etc...