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Question about reducing the requirements

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Damian271, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Could someone make a patch to reduce the requirements. For example, to removetrees from the tracks, or buildings. Please reply
  2. Um...why?
  3. I f1 2011 and to cut . Or maybe there is someone here from the Polish
  4. the answer to why would be to improve performance and to remove "unnecessary" scenery in favor of being able to make "necessary" textures look better/perform better.

    for instance running car reflections on medium so that the mclarens look ok (try setting that to low and looking at one of them, they're hideous on low) but disabling mirrors.

    I tried to do this myself but the tweaks I made didn't help anything/change anything. also setting the hardware_settings_config.xml to read only after I edited forced the game to crash.
  5. and one can not do such a patch
  6. turn shadows to low or off - big FPS gain here.
    reduce the resolution as far as you can still play with - another big FPS gain
    turn trees to ultra low
    turn crowds off
    turn cloth off
    turn drivers to low (or off)

    But as far as removing trees or buildings I do not think that is possible.
  7. but for me everything is on low and jams as jade, but he is not a race like the jams