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Question about in game graphic

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by LazyBug, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. First this is the setting i use ->

    But the graphic in game doesnt looks nice in any way .. what i had done wrong ??

  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    use nVidia panel to force antialiasing and other possible tweaks ..
    I assume you have all settings in game maxed up

    EDIT: in your case whatever solution AMD provides to their graphic card users
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  3. hi
    if you have enabled SWEET FX
    you must enable anti aliasing via nvidia control panel or nvidia inspector
    I use 8x
    go to the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Automobilista\ Support
    see the AUTOMOBILISTA GUIDE for more information
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  4. Alright looks like disable the SweetFX & set the Anti-aliasing to 8x do the trick. Mini maps still no anti-aliasing but others are good. By the way i always get error message after using the AMS Config video setup.

    Thanks again
  5. Yeah, that's a known bug.
    Doesn't affect the game in any way, though.
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  6. upload_2016-7-15_13-40-36.png

    well, this is my nvidia settings
    it's important to set ''maximum pre rendered frames'' to 1
    ''anti aliasing transparency supersampling'' to supersampling
    ''texture filtering to negative bias'' to clamp
    ''Sli compatibilty'' to 0x02D04005 (LEGO Batman 2, etc.) (better fps)

    in root folder

    this is my settings and works fine
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  7. Try enabling Supersampling in the AMD control panel. Here's an old screen shot of my AMD card I used to have and how it was set for Stock Car Extreme.. Looked very good with no jaggies at all.

    Attached Files:

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  8. You didn't do anything wrong, the game's graphics are WORSE than abysmal.
    (it's because I'm spoiled with AC and Simtraxx)
    And yet it's for me the one with the best driving feeling ever.:)

    On a side note, sweetfx actually does NOT work for me though.
    I tried editing SFXON as much as possible, but nothing ever changes in-game.
    I did try using my own custom filter though with the pluging "GEMFX" (originally for GTR2) and while it looks much much better, I got a BSOD...:confused:
    So I'm stuck and use it without any filter now. Looks really bad...:cry:
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  9. worse than abysmal? no way
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  10. You're right, it's still a million times better than rFactor 2 though.
    But seriously, once you've driven on Simtraxx tracks, it's quite difficult to go back to Automobilista.
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  11. ouvert

    Premium Member

    Feel and sounds over graphics anytime :).. gMotor is aging..but until it is breaking immersion - > feel and sounds over graphics anytime

    Simtraxx traks are beautiful indeed
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  12. feel sounds and graphics over picking one anytime
  13. xnorb

    Premium Member

    I have absolutely no problem going from pCars and AC to AMS.
    For one i disable all post processing anyways as it adds absolutely nothing to the driving experience (looks better in replays for sure, but for driving i prefer a clean authentic look over Hollywood effects anytime) and AMS isn't looking bad at all if you apply just some AA and stick to high quality content.

    For me there are 2 main areas in which AMS really falls back:
    a) Gras (looks pretty much like GP3's gras 16 years ago)
    b) Dynamic shadows (especially in-car shadows but there are also enough fences and walls that don't cast shadows and break immersion in replays)

    Except for those 2 there's nothing i notice while driving and in the end it's a driving sim, not an open world exploration game - it simply doesn't matter if the marshall behind the fence is 3D and fully animated or not if you pass him going 250 km/h...

    That doesn't mean that Reiza shouldn't go for improved graphics, but in my opinion AMS offers enough graphic fidelity for an immersive racing experience and is far away from absymal.
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  14. Well, to be fair, I should have mentioned Patrick's incredible work though.
    I like his tracks much more than Reiza's tracks and I think they look really nice.:)

    As for me, I'm a sucker for shaders.
    I read recently that Reiza is actually working especially on improved shaders so I can't wait to
    see the results!:cool:
  15. Some people will never get tired of the same excuses. It seems they'd rather never see Reiza having a chance of a game with 100k+ owners because they don't like some effects to be in the game even when they can turn them off. Good thing Reiza is not listening to these guys, bring on Reiza 2017! :) Hope its pit lane will feel alive as RR :)
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  16. ouvert

    Premium Member

    @Will .. oh I`m up for improvement in any aspect of a game .. I work with visuals, graphics, picture, etc, so Im looking forward to see what engine they`ll chose for 2017, it can only be improvement .. all I`m saying is that slightly outdated visuals are not making AMS worst game for me (and I heard people saying that they can`t play it cause how it looks ... which I guess I respect but don`t really understand :) )
  17. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Who said that ... like ... ever?
  18. Since it is you who has control in the pitlane... Ok.
  19. Most of the post-processing FX of today simply aren't available to use in DX9 and even if they were, they would probably cost too much performance to implement in DX9. I hope Reiza are still considering a new DX11 engine, but technically it's a big task to go through 10 years of ISI code and make it seamlessly work with a new graphics engine, much bigger task than people realize. So far what Reiza has done is mostly modding of existing engine, but this is basically cracking everything open from inside. I've yet to see any developer successfully move an ISImotor game to DX11, even Sector3 is still sticking with the old DX9 stuff.
  20. project cars' madness engine has still remaining code segments from isimotor engine. blimey in 2009 reworked isimotor into madness or at least thats the rumor :cool: