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Question about Damage

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Social Distortion, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. I'm in my 2nd season of 7 driving for Force India and have full damage turned on. I just finished Melbourne and watched the replay. I started on pole with Vettel starting 2nd and Webber 3rd. Approaching the first curve I was slightly ahead and as I started to turn, Vettel moved to his right and his right front wheel locked with Webber's left front. Vettel's car then did a 360 degree barrel roll over the top of Webber's car and landed right side up in the grass. The race results had Vettel still finishing 15th.

    How is it possible that the car could continue? I would think that the suspension would have sustained serious damage at least.
  2. Welcome to arcade F1 racing where everyone (and their dog) can be a WDC.

    F1 2010 cars are fun to drive, but they are not all that realistic.
  3. Yeah, the suspension damage model for 2010 is pretty underwhelming; apparently 2011 will have many improvements in that area but I've played enough CM games to know not to get my hopes up, and then everything that's good about it will be a pleasant surprise.
  4. I see what you mean about the damage model not being too realistic. I've only had one race so far where all the cars didn't finish, and in that one there were four DNF.
  5. In one occasion i think Anthony said that they were working on to make the game more playable....Maybe the damage model paid the price....But now they are saying that in 2011 this will be corrected...plus mechanical failures...This is going to be interesting if is implemented correctly..
  6. Yeah, there's no real reason why we can't have a more involved damage model; there's already an assist option for full damage simulation after all, so anyone who didn't want to risk destroying a wishbone wouldn't have to.
  7. this game is just very arcadey no matter what. you can play pretty rough and nothing will happen, i mean, to wreak the car you have to want to do it...
  8. The game maker has providing us with an option of allowing us to choose whether damage is on or off in this game through a configuration setting. How many times have we seen ourselves able to continue racing as if nothing happened when you have a damaged front wing (indicated by yellow) and how many times have we seen the AI car smash into us and we see their wings flying into little pieces in our peripheral vision and yet the AI is back attacking us as if nothing happened in the next corner. Too bad "Full" damage is still only arcade damage in the eyes of Code Masters. A damaged wing (whether it is the human controlled car or the AI car) is a damaged wing and the car should be forced to pit ASAP for a replacement if people choose to race with "Full" damage turned on.
  9. And if we want to we should be able to Heidfeld it and accelerate until we drive over the wing. And then we should be able to run over the marshals who fall on their arses trying to pick all the bits up. ^_^