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Question about BTB

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Howie2010, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. So using BTB, can you basically import any 3D model or textures and make anything? For instance, I would be making a track for RBR, but is it possible lets say to just make a full tarmac racetrack such as a GRID track by making new models and textures, etc?

    Or lets say for the hell of it, I wanted to make a futuristic space alien map or whatever... or lets say a cartoon map?

    Can I import any 3D object (which format OBJ DXF, etc?)
    And I assume any textures can be added?

    What about making Cars? Lets say I wanted to make my futuristic game with space ships hovering above the ground, is that possible?

    Can you tweak physics and other things?
    Can you import animated textures?

    What about sound effects?

  2. Hey, finally something I can reply to!

    To import 3D objects in .dae or .3ds formats or textures (.dds is the best format, and its size needs to be a power of 2) you can use the Xpacker tool that is downloaded together with the rest of BTB and then import your objects into BTB. So, yes, you can make a futuristic space alien track or a cartoon one. You can't make animated effects, but you can make those with other 3d editors, although I think they're really tricky.

    As for physics, cars and sound effects, that's something that you definitively can't do. BTB is only used to make tracks.
  3. Cheers!

    So how are people making new cars and liveries?
  4. Also, can I edit textures that are already in game with Photoshop or do I need an editor? Lets say I wanted to replace a skydome with a different sky?
  5. Most resources get stored in .mas files, so you can use Mas Explorer from rfactorcentral to extract the contents, browse for the the texture, edit it and then re-build the .mas file. Do remember to make backups. BTB doesn't generate mas files, but it does use one to contain the sky files.

    The textures can be edited with photoshop if you download the NVidia dds photoshop plugin.
  6. Liveries (aka "skins") are created with a paint program. There are a host of tutorials out there for each game.

    Complete cars require a 3D editor and usually that means 3DSMax, though there are alternatives. Every complete tutorial for creating a car and adding it to the sims are for Max, so you become a bit of a trailblazer if you use an alternative. That's not to say it can't be done, because some people have used alternatives, but just that there's not a complete tutorial.
  7. > Can you tweak physics and other things?

    Physics (for rFactor & SimBin titles) are in text files. I don't know about RBR or the other titles.

    > What about sound effects?

    Sound effects can be edited with any sound editor; they also have a text file that controls how the sounds are mixed. There are no track-specific sounds in rFactor & SimBin titles, just car-specific sounds. Ambient sounds are the same for all tracks and generally it's not polite to change them when you're releasing your track unless you make it optional.
  8. Cheers guys!

    Well I do CGI for a living, so am familiar with 3DS, Maya, Lightwave, etc... no worries on the 3D/texture side. Thats great, Id love to tweak some of the tiled textures I keep seeing in RBR, they would look so much better if they didnt LOOK tiled ;)
  9. Oh and another question, lol, sorry have alot!
    Is there a MOD database somewhere, with every new mod and track etc on one page that is easily accessable?
    I know of Blackhole, but it seems like they have links (rapidshare, etc) that are outdated or not accessable.
    I have webspace and dont mind making a webpage thats much cleaner and easier to access than crawling through forums and old links if anyone wants to help me gather the tracks/mods, etc ...unless one exists?

    oh and anyone know the guys who run Blackhole? I registered weeks ago but havent been approved and would love to post there...cheers!

  10. Question #1241256 ;)

    Is it possible to add potholes and details like that in BTB, is it as simple as tweaking polygons to make dips, etc... would be cool to make some really technical stuff that made you have to avoid parts of the road like that...
  11. I replied to you on the motorsport forum, did you post there by accident? Anyway you can do it with surfaces. One in front, one behind and as many as you need between the two. You can add and alter the surface nodes either in the 3d window or in the seperate surfaces window.
  12. awesome, thanks guys!
  13. Tried emailing Brandon but he says hes too busy lol, guess thats a good thing.

    Do you guys know if its possible to create tunnels, or lets say a hill that you can go through, then the track curves around and goes over the hill? Or can RBR not handle something like that?
    What about a bridge with a large wooden enclosure, like a short tunnel?
    Ive been imagining a whole load of different, sometimes strange ideas for tracks.