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Qualification setup and Race setup

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Sebastien Levret, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    can you give me the general rules about the difference between a setup for the qualification and a setup for the race ?
    What are the major changes ?
    (I drive the seat on the WTCC, if it can help)

  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The Seat i hardly change at all :) It's the most easy car to go fast with on default. For qualy use slightly more camber then in a full distance race
  3. What kind of angle do you advise for camber during race ?
    In quali, I use mostly the default parameter, so 3.6 / 3.9° but I am always afraid to lower this angle , as I loose much grip (or I think I am loosing, I don't know :) ).

    Can we go further than 3.9° for camber in quali ?
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Default :) But it can be raised or lowered, but that depends on the tyretemps
  5. Increase more toe in in front & toe out in rear
    front more brake bias also can help
  6. just put in 3 laps of fuel and go, that's all i change
  7. Is this approach the correct way for tires? (I have read the setup document on this forum)

    1. During training, I do a few laps. After three laps I read the temperatures. I change camber so that the difference is 5-6 degrees between inner and outer temperature. I change pressure so that middle temperature is in between. I repeat a few times.

    2. During qualification, I change the setup above by adding negative camber. A -3.2 degree will be a -3.6. Difference between inner and outer will be 8-10 degrees. I change pressure, so that the middle temperature is the average.

    3. During race, I go to the first setup of the training, but add some fuel.

    Question: If you read this, I have the feeling that lowering the tire pressure will give better laptimes during qualification. I have used setups from others. The strange thing is that the middle temperature isn't the average anymore, it is lower. Can lowering pressure without changing camber give better results even if middle temp isn't the average?

  8. If you haven't done so, fully read this topic http://forum.racedepartment.com/gtr-...tml#post145737
  9. i need to get into the setting up. i`m just running the stock setup for each car. do you notice big differences when running with a tuned setup (apologies if its a very stupid question)
  10. Sometimes yes. Do not expect to gain seconds.
  11. Since my setups adapt to my driving style... the short answer is yes.

    But don't get the wrong impression, the SimBin stock setups are one of the best (if not the best) out of the box in the racing simulator (grand public) market.

    They do well their role,as they are a good place to start…

    For instance when I’m learning a track (unless the track is very similar to one I already know), I just do a few “flavor” adjustments in likes of steering ratio and brake pressure and go for a few laps until I start to understand the car/track relation. Then, after quite some km, usually when I already more or less know the track my head is full of directions I need to go regarding setup options.

    Btw, just in case someone hasn't noticed, there is a pdf here at RD that serves as a good starting point and quick reference guide...

  12. cheers joao, i`ll start having a play (so to speak)
  13. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  14. Very well worth it getting into setups, some cars and tracks benefit more then others of a tuned setup to your driving style.
    For instance I have a tuned setup which took hours and hours of testing for Anderstorp and it litterally makes about 2 seconds difference in laptime.
    Can give you alot of other examples but adjusting the setup of a car to your liking for a specific track is a must imo.
    And sometimes the Simbin setups work out to be spot on but most of the time I find I can get faster round the track with it tuned to my liking.
  15. @Ollie:

    I'm pretty new to this Sim but find that the stcok set ups dont suit my driving style of very late on the brakes and hard turn ins normally resulting in loss of grip at the front end and massive understeer skating off into the trap.

    I suggest that you do as I have done and try some of the set ups from the site for each of teh tracks.

    Theyy took seconds off of my lap times. But I've tweaked them too. Like running a slightly shorter 2nd gear at Macau than was on the lacetti setup on the site.

    Lots of 2nd gear corners on Macau. shortening 2nd gear means that you're further up the power band coming out of these turns.

  16. Ahh! My highly tweaked setup for quali on all cars has been found out :D:D

    I actually go with 4 laps usually.