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Q&A 2015 President candidates

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Georg Winter, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Hey guys.
    I would like to make a thread where all people can ask questions and the 3 president candidates give answer.
    Please no discussion. Only a question and let the 3 candidates answer.
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  2. to break the ice I will do the first question ;)

    Are you guys planning to keep the license system the same(price etc)?
  3. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    I don't think the license costs were restrictive and we maintained good numbers throughout the season so I don't see a reason to change them. The only one I would think about changing is the WC Team License, as in the Club Documents it is supposed to sell for 1000 euros which would not happen at this time. The documents need a clause that lets the President sell them based on current market cost, which is about half of that number.
  4. edit: sorry will ask different question later
  5. Seems like 2 of the 3 candidates are not interested at all to answer questions.

    Makes me wonder, why go through the hassle of posting a campaign in the first place if you are not interested?
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  6. same thing here.
  7. I agree with Kris, I think that license costs were already quite optimal. However I have in mind to equal Ace and Pro costs, as there is no reason to make one cheaper than the other.
  8. Agree with the other two on this matter. Licence fees seem to be at a good level at the moment.
  9. Why would you want to make two different levels equal on price? That's not really right.
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  10. Because the league provides the exact same things for both divisions.
  11. Since we got answers to the first question, I would just go ahead and ask a new one for each of the candidates to reply to.

    To me that matters the most to decide who is most suitable for the position and it´s a fairly short and easy answer to give.
    What is your personal motivation to work for FSR?
    How can you ensure you will be available for all the necessary tasks?
    How do you rate your actual management and people management skills?
    (Please remember, people can smell bullshit, so keep it honest)

    @David Dominguez
    @Thomas Mundy
    @Kris Cobb
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  12. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    1) Personally I don't want to see FSR fail. I don't like wasting time. When Robert asked me a year ago if he could use Avid Chronic Racing resources, I took it as a personal challenge along with a team one to be successful. Now we didn't win a championship, but we have a good solid and talented team that works very well together. This is from a group of guys that have never worked together and come from very different backgrounds and areas of the world. This all would be a waste of time if we don't help FSR as a whole succeed. I didn't join to just take part for 1 year. I did not intend to run until a few weeks ago, I think I have good ideas that can help FSR succeed.
    2) I think the key is having reliable people, but as we have seen from last year this isn't always the case. Last year I was available all season with the exception of 1 race. I am online all day long and I am rarely offline on Skype. This past year wasn't really the racedays that had lack of volunteers, as all the race directors showed up every race and there was not a lack of commentators. As agreeing to the nomination, I know that one of the duties is to make sure everything gets done. There is no guarantee with any 3 of us that we can be available. But I do promise I will be available and use my abilities the best I can to get things done in case of a shortage somewhere.
    3) Along with some of the items I listed in response to the first question, I have real world experience organizing people and getting people to work. Getting the right people and getting them to work together toward a common goal will be the goals for all of our candidacies.

    I hope that answers the questions sufficiently for you.

    Good luck to all the other candidates tomorrow.
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  13. I want to do another question, if its posible.

    Why do you think your campaign is better compared to the other candidates? Why we should vote you and not another candidate?

    Please abstain of saying that the campaigns are different but all good, I heard this story many times.
  14. In answer to Johannes' questions
    1. I love FSR, I've ever been driving in it or around it since 2008 and I have also commentated in two of those seasons on the World Championship. I think from the way I commentate you can tell that I do care about the championship and enjoy watching it as well as competing in it. FSR is the pinnacle. I want to see it flourish and would love to offer my services to help it do just that.

    2. I only work part-time and most people will tell you that I am available on Skype and easy to contact the vast majority of the time due to this fact. Being available for tasks for me would not be a problem. Also in case of emergencies I would be happy to give my phone number to key members of the club so that I could be contacted at any time.

    3. As a 22 year old obviously I've never worked in management but I am used to leading organized groups. I've been involved in working with people and organizing them in amateur dramatics and other groups and although a different thing I have never had a problem getting on with any of them, those skills still matter. I am always open to talking to anyone about concerns they have in FSR providing they are constructive and not destructive.

    In answer to Carlos I don't feel it fair to criticise other candidates' proposals but I will tell you why I think mine is strong. I firmly believe that FSR can do an awful lot more to increase its exposure and that some of the reasons it hasn't got good exposure is simply that the volunteers and help for presidents of FSR has not been there. I've already secured some of that and that is a key point with still months to go before a new season as the more time we have to be prepared, the better. Focus has to be on these things as the racing in FSR is already very good and whilst we will never stop focusing on the racing, we will have more time this year to look at other things in FSR that really need addressing.
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  15. I already wrote analysis of your campaign. Can be found on the blog. And with the above stated you have proven everything I said.

    I am used to leading organized groups. I bet you are:)

    So you are saying your proposal is strong because you believe FSR can do more. Cobb or Dominguez don't believe that? You just wrote random things, without any plan or concept. Cobb or Dominguez have that concept at least and these few netrex famiglia members you have secured, let me assure you these people have no practical experience or knowledge to succeed at that positions and half of them won't be there if the season starts. The other people you have just used their names without their permission. You haven't got anyone, very simply. If you really cared about FSR you would never candidate ... 3 times... Totally honestly, everything you have written and tried to say just showed me and other knowledgable people that you really don't know much and your presidency would end FSR (JSR). I now wonder if that is why famiglia voted for you. So let me ask you this, how dare you?
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  16. Because I love FSR too much, I guess.

    I can't ensure that, but I luckily I have demostrated in the past that I don't run away when I had to do my tasks. I've been president and race director (2 years), and as far as I know I never missed any race, debate or something like that.

    I don't like to rate myself, can't be objective.

    In my opinion from the three campaigns there are 2 that did a realistic and very similar analysis of the current situation, and one that ignores the real problem(s) and offers some irrelevant proposals. From this point, now it's up to you to decide which one from those two is better and offers better proposals, if I hate something is doing like politicians going to several shows/events etc to "convince" people ;). The proposals are published, so now you have to determine which one is the best for the league.
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  17. To all three candidates.

    Considering how political FSR is and how vocal people are. What makes your personality strong enough to cope with the politics of FSR?
  18. By definition of their ideology, one of the candidates cannot get involved in politics. It is strictly forbidden.
  19. Here's a thing Ondrej, you are being considered to be involved in David's campaign so of course entitled to believe that is the best candidature. You'll see what you want to see. I did not openly criticise the other candidates because I respect them and I would ask that you have the same respect. We all know that what you think of me has nothing to do with administration reasons and only personal problems you have with me which I would be quite happy to resolve but which you appear to be unwilling too. That is your choice. I would do my very best to serve FSR and quite frankly how anyone who has racially abused on his blog and criticised openly members of FSR could consider himself potentially to be involved in FSR is a mystery so maybe you should look at yourself. This year the person here who has been worst for FSR is you with your forum rampages.

    With regard to politics, the statues of FSR very clearly state the following in the statues under Point 2:
    "The ISR Club does not pursue economic goals and has neither political nor religious purpose."

    Therefore it is not political. If I know so little how come I know that and you don't?
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