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Tracks PUY DU LAC (France) 0.9

SIM TRAXX, rally track, free roam, road trip, Assetto Corsa

  1. @AC TRAXX
    Which of your rally tracks can be raced door to door against AI, rally-cross style?
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  2. Do You mean racing rally-cross circuit against AI or racing point to point against AI?
    For rally-cross against AI we are preparing Pribram Rally and Hradek/Liptakov. There will also be layout for rally-cross in Puy du Lac, but it will be with v0.95 when released.

    Here is a video from tests on Pribram so soon it should be released.
  3. I mean both.
    I'm very happy to see you've got them covered.
    Great looking track BTW. Keep up the great work!
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