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Misc Puy Du Lac 0.9 Additional Trackcam set 2016-07-08

Puy Du Lac Trackcam set

  1. I like this track very much and thank you for the addional cameras.
    I am driving Assetto Corsa mainly for watch myself in a replay ..... :)
    So tracks with missing TV cams are no good for me. Keep up the good work and hunt for tracks missing any kind of cameras rather than doing the fourth set for Monza....
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  2. Thank you so much for this preview video:)
    You're absolutely right, Sir!!..Me too, tracks with missing TV cams are no good for me :thumbsdown:
    Since the begining, tracks without Tv cams are my principals targets:sneaky:!
    Sometimes, it's sad to see a good track, with good 3D, good textures, without trackcams:(
    For me, watch my replay is part of the fun.
    I have Project cars ,(sorry i know,apologize,really more arcade than AC, but i like race with AI in this "game"and the weathers options) but the replays possibilities are limited (you can not have the full replay of your practice session, just the last 2 min).
    Most of the time in AC, I drive on practice session, alone, enjoying the fabulous FFB, and i like to watch my replay and take some pleasures to see the perfect work of Kunos in 3D modelling (just for fun compare the Ruf Yellow Bird:whistling:, present in both games).
    So, thank you again mister, i'm really glad and proud to have your support!
    If you see a good track tell me;)
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2016