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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Stealthy, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. anyone else getting a large amount of punctures , i was just running third in the lotus at Istanbul and i got one , went to the pits fell back to last battled my way back and on the last lap i had another , i promtly blew my lid and threw my control lol luckily i missed the tv , its so god dam frustrating
  2. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    I always save 1 flashback for punctures, yes it happens often. I think turning off 'tyre simulations' maybe a solution for now.
  3. Racing on Expert you get no flashbacks, so it is not really an option for many of us.

    On the official forum someone said they were still getting punctures, just no wear. Which IMO seems to show they are a problem, not due to heavy driving.
  4. It's one of the 30+ bugs that they're aware of and should hopefully be patching soon.
  5. Best punture i had was this - Talk to engineer to start qualifying, select the "flying lap option"

    4, 3, 2 , 1 - You're in control of the car... puncture before i even crossed the start line, laughed my ass off then restarted the session.

    In the melbourne race i got a lot of punctures, i refuse to have it and restart the race, theres no way this would happen in real life.
  6. i think i had about 5 punctures in china across the whole race weekend. gave me a good laugh, and a poor finish hehe.
  7. So new career, melbourne again 23 lap race (I think tyre/fuel sim was off, tho i thought i turned it back on last night game didnt save the settings i guess). Qualified 5th with a late 1.27 and the default car setup.

    Was raining heavy and started on inters, worked my way up to first with some nice battles, got a 10second time penalty for an illegal pass on hamilton (He drove really slow through the fast section at the end and i had to swerve to miss him.. sigh..), the car seems far too fast and far too much grip in the rain but anyway. Vettel pits, allowing me into 1st.

    Held 1st for 20 laps of the race by time the track had dried and hamilton was on my tail, at the end of the 20th lap i got a puncture (annoying, as i drove a perfectly clean race, best ive driven, tho tyre/sim probably being off makes the car much more consistant). Got the car back to the pits remaining in first until i pit, the team then took 11seconds... :| swapping my tyres and despite the now dry track they put on another set of inters. this put me way down to 12th place by time id got to the first corner (seems all the cars were together in a bunch?).

    I tried to work my way back up, made a mistake, lost some places then fought back up passed 2 slow cars to 11th. 10 second penalty i got at the start then dropped me down to 18th, quite bemused as to how so many cars finished within 10seconds... Way over the top as i was lapping a hell of a lot faster than the other cars aside from the mclarens, but then i shouldn't have been that fast in a Lotus, will make sure tyre/fuel sim is on for the next race and no doubt i will be alot slower.

    Either way, they need to fix this. i've had a puncture in almost every race and im not particularely rough, though i do drive the car hard, that is to be expected if you're trying to win.
  9. Ive done about 10 races now and never got a punture (360/Expert/Aids off). I even tried in some practices to spin and spin and go across gravel to get one but nothing (well I tried for 10mins then remembered I need my engine for other races).
  10. Only because of this (and the pitstop bug) I won't go for more then 10-15 laps races, depending on track length. During a practice or qualli you can have a good laugh with a puncture before you even start, but if you get 2 punctures in a full-length race where the 2nd one occurs about 2 laps before the finish line (after fighting yourself back to the top-10 after the 1st puncture) the laughing quickly changes into a strong feeling of creating a few 'punctures' in the game disc instead
  11. ive turned off damage, to stop the punctures. tho i still get screwed by other factors. other cars can be very dangerous with overtaking and the player gets the blame every time, when you pit theres no option to choose tyres, I went in on options 10th place, came out in 19th on another set of options, ruining my race. i realise that theres pit management before the race but i would have thought the default auto strategy would put the right tyres on.
  12. You can set other tyres when you pit, you have the quick menu (on the G25 wheel it's the d-pad down) where you can select engine map, wing settings on-the-fly and the tyres you want for your next pitstop.

    I used it to change from wets to inters during a race, I had to hurry tho as I did it whilst already driving in the pit lane but it worked...
  13. Damn punctures....leading at monza, got away with the first puncture as i hadnt made a stop and it went on the last but one straight, so went straight into the pits and rejoined in the lead. But 3 laps later, another puncture, this time on the front, and i dropped to 19th...19th!?!?!? FFS!!!

    I should of easily won that race...arghh!!
  14. Put damage to visual only. This will stop punctures.
    Would be nice if they had tire punctures as a separate option/made them more durably realistic.
  15. I've had this happen to me, crazy.

    I also chose the flying lap option in Qualifying at Silverstone, and the AI would run wide and spin off at woodcote. It happened twice in one session.

    I've put flashabcks on just for punctures, if you get a puncture you can just use a flashback and then you don't get it.
  16. I didnt think of the flashbacks, i turned damage off instead. Guess that makes it pretty certain im going to be much more consistant, but i cant say i enjoy my tyres/car blowing up and im sure the "immersion factor" will hardly be spoiled for doing so.

    I just did qualifying at china with the tyre/fuel sim on, only managed 16th with a lot of practice trying to nail it, thought... ahh to hell with it and turned off fuel/tyre sim for the actual race, i was easily 2-3 seconds faster per lap than in qualifying, and able to fight with the top 5, managing to hold second position, rain came at 3rd/4th lap and i went into pits at 7th, put inters on, and then had a battle to get back up the field, after the other cars went into the pit i had a long battle out front with vettel in the heavy rain, finishing second by a couple of seconds.

    I cant say that its realistic racing that way, but to be honest i can say i enjoyed it more than sailing a slow fat boat with tyres that explode, trying to keep up with a HRT on the straights, which is how the car feels in comparison when fuel/tyre sim is on in races. When i play Fsone 2009 i never even looked at the slow cars, i drive a Red Bull, and i dominate the races (against AI), so to be honest i think il keep picking up podiums in a lotus... /shame
  17. i mean it's seriously frustrating:

    i really like full races so there i was in my lotus figthing for podium in melbourne:

    at 4th with hamilton 3rd and vettel 2nd as usual they to their 'break test' in the fast left-right after the end of section 2 and to not crash into hamilton rear, i had to cut corner and overtake both of them: penalty -> drive trough pits boy for being to fast and them being to slow...

    dropped to 6th...well...life goes on lets go...
    got back to 4th again comin after hamilton...around lap 50: 3rd corner: PUFFF...puncture...dropped down to ~10th after pit stop...

    i was around 9th place at lap 55 (3 laps to go then...actually 2 because i've already been lapped by then).....guess what...another puncture...goin back to the pits...pit bug...couldnt pit the car...and i was pushing to finish the race that evening...was already 4AM (and had to work in the morning)...i play in expert so no flashbacks...

    i really thought the puncture was because of some kind of reckless driving (that i admit i do...i tend to go a lot offroad and cornercutting and stuff) but with all the feedback...and that ridiculous flying lap puncture...eheh...

    lets hope for a fix then :)
  18. My worst was on Melbourne as well. Six punctures in one full length race, 2 of them at the same time! both rears...

    I only had 4 flashbacks so I was screwed lol. I made a point of driving clean and staying off the curbs to the point of being slow and even put TC on because I was really trying to test if driving style had alot to do with it. It seemed to make no difference.

    So... damage to Visual Only I guess, but I hate that. Hope it is in the first patch, whenever that may be.