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Puebla Special

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Richard Trange, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Hello all =)

    1 Simple question: Whats the difference between The ordinary Puebla 06 Track and the Puebla special track?

    This thread maybe have been up before but i could not find it in the Search function.
  2. Puebla Special has normal grip asphalt

    in 06 this track had old, very slippery surface
  3. Thanks =)
  4. i couldn't work it out either... that'll totally explain why no-one could keep the vertigo on track at recent sprint night :becky:
  5. Puebla 06 was designed by Simbin to reproduce the real track problems they had during the 06 WTCC round. Apparently the track surface broke up and caused grip loss, so they put that in the game.
    Puebla Special is the identical track but with normal grip, and is much better to drive on.
  6. Grabbed this from the track files

    RoadDryGrip = 1.0
    AIDryGrip = 1.03
    RoadWetGrip = 0.75
    AIWetGrip = 0.75
    PlayerTireWear = 1.0
    FrontTireHeatMult = 1.00
    RearTireHeatMult = 1.00

    RoadDryGrip = 0.80
    AIDryGrip = 0.81
    RoadWetGrip = 0.70
    AIWetGrip = 0.70
    PlayerTireWear = 1.0
    FrontTireHeatMult = 1.20
    RearTireHeatMult = 1.20
  7. Yeah, I only found this out a couple of months ago... :) The only problem I have is that Puebla 06 isn't Puebla 06... it's the '05 version! Why, oh why didn't Simbin put the actal 2006 layout in the game?! :at-wits-end:
  8. Damn. How does the 2005 layout differ from the 2006 layout?
  9. The 2005 layout doesn't use the first banking. I'll post some maps later on so you can see what I mean.