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Misc Pudsey Track Cams (Static) 1.0

AI & Track cameras for Pudsey

  1. This is a fun little course.

    Clearly it was made for some street racing type game.

    The location is within an hour of where I live, I didn't realise it was such a street racing hot spot.

    It'd be quite an interesting course to extend a bit to the East as it's in a bit of a V shaped cutting until the next flyover point where it could stop/return, or carry on to the next roundabout near the Wickes shopping area so it's got a roundabout at each end.


  2. Hi Dave,
    I think the Asda at Pudsey must have been a car meet location. It is an unusual and fun track mate. A roundabout at each end would be good... But I have no idea who actually made the track... or how you could contact them?
    Racing on this track gives a street racing feel to it... And it's strange having the UK road signs flying past as you're coming up to the roundabout at 200mph lol
    It would be good to have more tracks like this in AC :)