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Puddles after patch solution

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Gary Thompson, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Solution and credit in video :-

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  2. Will work for some people and not for others. Personally on one of my PCs the puddles started to flash meaning that they formed and drained quickly.

    Kudos to the people looking out for ways to fix it. Other than the thread asking for specs on Codemasters forums there has been no official word from them regarding this issue.
  3. Shame this wont work yet for people with a dual core :s
  4. simply amazing!!! :D hope this work test it when arive home THX

    Solution is to rename workerMap2Core.xml to workerMap2Core_original.xml in system folder and copy workerMap4Core.xml to workerMap2Core.xml.

    is this mean that I have to copy content of workerMap4Core.xml to workerMap2Core.xml or renaming do hte same thing?
  5. unfortunately it doesn't work for me though i've an i5 processor...
    puddles still disappear after 10 seconds in the session
  6. You rename original workerMap2Core.xml to workerMap2Core_original.xml to save the original in case it doesn't work.
    Remember, it only appears to work for Quad core processors.

    I simply copied workerMap2Core.xml and saved it somewhere else; then copied workerMap4Core.xml to workerMap2Core.xml in the game system folder and played the game.
  7. I doubt that this is the solution! I still notice that your puddles disappear on the starting grid.
    Puddles must be more like this I think:

  8. I tried this and it *does* work for me (although I edited hardware_settings_config.xml instead) - however it still doesn't look right. The best example is turn 4 at Melbourne: the large patches of concrete either side of the track are almost like a mirror while the track itself is rough and dark, with a few puddles. I kinda hoped it would be seamless.
  9. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    I like my puddles-poodle.

    F1_2010_game_2010_11_02_19_08_36_627.jpg F1_2010_game_2010_11_02_19_07_32_277.jpg Chaosproef 018.jpg
  10. I have workerMap.xml, workerMap.xml, workerMap2core.xml, workerMap4core.xml, workerMap8core.xml in system from F1 2010. I delete workerMap4core.xml and rename workerMap2core.xml in workerMap4core.xml. This was correct? If yes this not work for me. :(
  11. no conveen you should do the following.
    In documents\my games\formulaone\hardwaresettings you will find a file called hardware-settings-info.xml. Open this file in xml editor or notepad. If your cpu is identified wrongly as having 2 cores instead of 4 then continue.

    in your f1 2010\system folder you will find files named workermap2core.xml, workermap4core.xml etc
    Rename workermap2core.xml to workermap2coreoriginal.xml and rename workermap4core.xml to workermap2core.xml
    Backup original files of course!!
    Start game and you should have puddles back [​IMG]
  12. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <systemInfo OS=" (Build 7600)" totalMemory="4194303" winPlatformID="2" winMajorVersion="6" winMinorVersion="1" isWinXP="false" isWinVista="false" isWin7="true" rating="4" />
    <cpu name="Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 975 @ 3.33GHz" speed="3340" cores="4" hyperThreading="true" sse2Supported="true" rating="3" />
    <graphics_card name="ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series" vendorId="0x1002" deviceId="0x6898" vs_shader="3_0" ps_shader="3_0" memory="749" rating="4" dx11="true">

    ok this looks correct I think.

    in your f1 2010\system folder you will find files named workermap2core.xml, workermap4core.xml etc
    Rename workermap2core.xml to workermap2coreoriginal.xml and rename workermap4core.xml to workermap2core.xml

    When I do this my game dont start no more. :( Maybe there missing the workerMap4Core.xml?
  13. conveen, as you correctly say your cpu is correctly identified so messing with the workermaps will have no affect.
    You are correctly using the 4 core map so renaming it will cause your game to work incorrectly.
    This fix is for people whose 4 core cpu is identified as a dual core and hence uses the wrong worker map
  14. Ok the game identified my 4 core correct! So I cant do nothing then the get the puddles back? :(

    How I say, I rename workermap2core.xml to workermap2coreoriginal.xml. After that I rename workermap4core.xml to workermap2core.xml. After the game dont start because the missing the workermap4core.xml.
  15. conveen you will need to return the workermap files to their original names for the game to work. Unfortunately you will not get the puddles back unless codemasters issue a fix
  16. This what I do! But the game start no more.

    It looks now like this: workerMap.xml, workerMap2Core.xml, workermap2coreoriginal.xml and workerMap8Core.xml

    I do this what you told me. But game do not start.
  17. It looks now like this: workerMap.xml, workerMap2Core.xml(was workerMap4Core.xml before), workermap2coreoriginal.xml and workerMap8Core.xml
  18. conveen rename workermap2core.xml back to workermap4core.xml.
    rename workermap2coreoriginal.xml to workermap2core.xml
    All should be back to normal and working again.
  19. It would seem that the puddles issue is by design and will not be fixed by codemasters [​IMG]
    Below is the reply from codemasters regarding the issue of no puddles or reflection during a wet race.

    Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning F1 2010.

    Thank you for your comments, we have passed them on to the producer of the game and our design team. However the rain effects have been reduced with the patch as it was felt there was too much standing water present on the track.

    If you need further assistance, please reply to this email and INCLUDE THIS LINE IN YOUR REPLY:-


    Or include the entire text of this email.

    Kind regards
    Codemasters Customer Services
  20. Maybe if we all ask then another 100 times, they find that they would save time by just fixing it instead of answering all our emails ;-)