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Public servers (merged thread)

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jamie Ralfs, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Well,

    I know public servers have a bad reputation, but the past few days, I have been racing on 100mbit mini racing a number of times, and each time, was ruined, more badly than an average public server day.

    I have noticed the offenders were from a 'Team' called: VDK. To show you guys what I mean, they had about 3 of their VDK guys, on brands hatch indy lined up blocking paddock hill bend, and there were about 16 cars crashing there thanks to them. They also spam the chat thread with child like comments, and spam with quick chat messages in race.

    Max-Yvan Liegrace was with me yesterday when they were also racing and wrecking.

    What I cannot understand, is that why a 'Team' dedicate themselves to soley wrecking everyone else's race. Normally, its just one or 2 individuals, but a whole team doing that? It just beggars beleif!

    I am so angry after the incident a few mintues ago, that I came here to write this up, to warn you of these VDK 'children' if you ever race on public servers with these guys, I recommend leaving if they are on, as I will be doing that in the future. Persistent wreckers on there every day just totally and utterly kills the game, even more than the odd person who wrecks one or 2 poor souls.

    VDK Wreckers:
    VDK Pika
    VDK Stoffel

    I pray that these 2 in particular never bother any of you.


    PS Sorry for my outburts, but this has happened too many times, and normally I put things like this aside, but this has persistently gone on, and therefore, I thought I should at least warn you gentleman, should you wish to race on a public server again in the near future.
  2. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    I have played on that server a few times. But its late night. Mostly after 1am-2am. These buggers are off to sleep by then. Sorry to have experianced such an unsportsmanship on a different level.

    I have been treated hashly sometimes on public servers. Mostly thats due to my name but I brush it aside and continue to lead the pack LOL.
  3. I think I've seen that VDK Pika dude before, but dont remember where. but something could be done. I remember when I was playing forza2 back in the days, when somebody spun off the track, and started to drive backwards to make head to head collisions, their car turned into a ghost, so they just ran through the guys coming in front of them.

    maybe something like that should be added in the new sim titles that are on the way? or patch the games with that that are out now. what do you guys think?
  4. Good to hear Abdul mate, show 'em who's boss!
    Trust me, if you go on that server, and I am on there, and those VDK give you stick, PM me, and I will come on and give 'em hassle.

    If they have a 'team' site, I will record and screen their actions and show it to them. But to be perfectly honest, I don't see why I am bothered getting too angry about this, they are pathetic, and so do not deserve to be told to drop it.

    Hope you guys have good racing in public servers.


    PS I think that would be a good idea also, but it would also good to have active admins on these public servers, or a website you can report troublemakers too, the 100mbit servers dont have websites to report too unfortunatley.
  5. What they also do is start a vote on anything.

    That keeps anyone else from starting a vote to boot them.

    I've not seen those names but have seen pairs of wreckers working together. It's really hard to get past two of them.

    The ones I saw appeared to have the means to control the request for a vote. As their previous one ran out of time and you tried to get a vote started to boot, their next vote request would ALWAYS pop up just as the countdown reached zero.

    They seem to be having fun. Some see the game as a race simulation, others see it as something else like Doom on wheels. And it works that way for them. What more could they wish for?
  6. I have seen these VDK's quite a few times in public server, usual tactic is to find a server where he can cut without getting black flagged then to cut to win. If their winning then they don't wreck, as soon as they crash, they go on a wrecking spree, usually lots of swearing too.

    So what can you do about such people? I have managed to initiate votes and have got Stoffel kicked a few times. Thats one way.. Next is reporting to Steam, now I don't know how you do this, but I assume there is a system in place. I also assume that Steam will probably send them a warning at most then do nothing.

    If someone can be bothered to do this by far the most effective way would not only to complain to Steam and the people running the server about wrecking because that leaves them in the position of being able to ignore you. However if you obtain screen shots that INCLUDE the verbal and any racist abuse on screen, I mean chunky stuff here not the odd swear word. Remember when you clicked accept terms and conditions on Steam? That covers verbal and racists abuse - so there HAS to be a means of reporting it.

    Include the abuse shots in your message, and point out that on the game box the AGE Rating is 3+ for SIMBIN titles and E (everyone) for Rfactor - in my opinion this means that ANY public server is obliged to ensure content on their server is suitable for viewieng by minors - therefore I beleive that if you point out this LEGAL obligation to the server owner and Steam, you may find the VDK's chill out a bit in future, at least on the language front.

    So people if you see them around get evidence, if anyone can be bothered to take it up feel free, I choose to ignore them for the childish little kids they are - bear in mind that they sometimes change the profile name and come back in server to give you abuse if you get one of em kicked or complain to admin...
  7. They have the perfect means to kill online dead.

    I've run into them enough in the last couple of weeks to leave Multiplayer and go to GTR2 online when I see them now. A week or so, after running into them again, and having learned how futile it is to try and boot 'em, and went elsewhere. They showed up later on in a later race. There are getting to be damn few races online now in Multiplayer as it is. There won't be more than a page, and half of them are the constantly running ones locked into one track, one special kind of car, like the Minis at Brands or the Nordschleif. So they don't have a hard time stumbling into the one I'm in.

    If there actually was a competitive developer, he couldn't do better to depress Simbin's multiplayer market than those tag-team-twits are doing.
  8. I did have a replay of a race on that server where there were two wreckers going around the wrong way and stuff and they were trying to hit me in particular because - well let's just say I wasn't very polite in Qualy.

    It's hilarious because they were god awful drivers and kept missing me and take out the person I was overtaking or someone else near. I ended up 2nd before my internet connection buggered up and I had to leave :(
  9. Although race07 and its expansions as all need better administrative tools and means...

    There are a few good and regularly administered public servers on-line who run a ban list.

    I won’t directly publicize them here, but they have been there since early Evo days and are regularly full (at least at peak hours).

    But I suspect some of you might not have Evo expansion, which almost leaves no administered publics server at your disposal (Race07 only servers). On top of that, I see you guys are racing in racetracks and with certain classes that unfortunately just attract brats too much.

    For these classes/racetracks, aim for racing club events...

    If you do go into public servers for this kind of races:

    • Start from the back of the grid (DQ yourselves at qualifying),
    • Aim for 2nd race (if there is one),
    • Don’t race short events (let’s say less than 20 mins, longer the better),
    • Learn to spot the troublemakers (easy to spot in practice, always voting and in hurry to race, doing their antics already in practice sessions and so on),
    • Drive carefully and slower on the first few laps and go around the "track blockers" don’t minding your absolute classification, and so on…

    Remember, don’t play into their “game”, just ignore them, if need be, change server but above all don’t let them spoil the day for you.
  10. Jamie:

    I run on that server arount 11pm-1am GMT (soon to be bst). That's when the mopre careful drivers come out.

    Interestingly, as I'm a convert from GRID, all of the best online experiences have been at roughly that time too.
  11. I've been on that server during the same times as you Willie, and have been lucky to not encounter the wreckers. It had over 20 drivers yesterday and the race ran fairly smooth. I'm sure I'll meet them eventually.
  12. I might follow the complaint proceedure that Dave Flower meantioned if they do it again. As they spoli so many people's races persistently, they are on there nearly every evening for the past month or so.

    But last night was the last straw for me, as those 2 persistently do this, to the point where I got too angry, that I had to start this thread. Normally I have the same mind-set as mentioned previously, by just ignoring them, moving servers... Again, I got too angry.

    Would be helpful if there were admins for that server that came on from time to time to check up on everyone too.

    Kind Regards
  13. public servers is public.

    if i take off my meme idiot head a mo... why would you expect any different on a public server? also, these aren't rd servers - nor anything to do with the way we go racing - so find it hard to understand the point of even discussing "strategies" to deal with it or why you'd be complaining about it here....
  14. How long has this been going on for cause ....normally its only a matter of time before they become tired of being .....................STUPID
  15. Oh God - Another 'RD Head' too focussed on RD and what they want from it to even consider anything outside of their world.

    For gods sake when will you lot realise were not all full on RD Heads - we do have a life outside of RD.

    I post stuff about helping RD to develop, looking at it from a newbies point of view, about bringing people into the 'fold' and the two replies I get are as if I am dumb for asking from people who are clearly dedicated and up to speed club members - I know RD want us to visit the bloody forums, but put stuff in place that obliges me to visit the forum, before I can come play online with you and I'll be off to public servers, like many potentially valued RD members before me that have , no doubt, slipped through the RD confusuin when new net.

    To post this is not RD servers so its not an RD problem just reinforces this - too many people here are, too 'into' RD - they assume that all people visiting the site will be the same. Will have read, digested, understood and remembered all the mass of information new joiners are 'expected' to have read. Why the hell shouldn't a member of the RD community post such a rant? Are we not expected to ever play in public servers again? Because if were not look at my posts on making RD more accessible to new joiners and act on them.

    I for one found this post useful and relevant to my online gaming experience - if I'm only allowed to talk about RD stuff here and will be flamed for talking about stuff thats not 100% RD related them I'm off to No Grip or Synchro or somewhere that values input from its new joiners - its guaranteed that the ones that listen and develop will be here long after the ones that close off or make new joiners feel isolated...
  16. Incidentally - No Grip Forums have a Audi R8 Skinning competetion in co-operation with Novatech Computers - best skin wins a Logitech G25.....

    PS - I do like RD a lot, I just tend to look at stuff from a development and moving forwards point of view, and then I get wound up sometimes when I see something great not been as great as it could be....
  17. do you mean, in order to sign up for an event and get the password? if that's what constitutes a roadblock for you then i think yer better off on the publics....

    not at all, go crazy.... but coming here to cry about a specific group of players on an unnamed yet obviously popular 100 Mb mini server will achieve nothing and isn't really relevant to rd... go cry a river of tears on their forum...
  18. modedit:
    this post just got bramned, watch the languague michael, as i don't allow you bullying our staff
  19. :wave:
  20. Yep. Familiar names Stoffel and Pika. Pika in general has changed behaviour and started to ruin races. He complaint earlier when someone else was even touching him, tried to kick that player immediately and now has started to do these wreckfests. It is a shame that a couple of players can ruin the whole public scene.

    It is nice to race when you are in the mood for a few sprints just for fun. Club events are a different matter for the fixed time, sign-ups etc and they really bring competitive players together.

    I think both have their place and something should be done to clean the publics from serial-offenders. I had to race couple of months in the publics cause i didn't know how to get to these communities, didn't know how they worked an so on. So publics are the steppingstone for complete rookies and if a few players ruin their experience at the very beginning, we might lose some future champions..
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