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Public server connections impossible

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Eric Nelson, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Hey fellow dirt hogs,

    Recently down loaded RBR and installed the 2010 MOD from Ralleysim. The mod installed easily and all I believe.

    However when I try to join a public rally through the RS CENTER I get a message that says: PHYSICS FILES ABSENT YOUR INSTALLATION OF RBR2010 IS NOT VALID.

    OK what do I check for at this point to verify my installation is configured properly. I see lots of RBR10 files in the RBR folder.

    Program files/eidos/RBR is my path.

    When I go to the RS Center here is what I do.

    Coordinate the clock on my PC w/ the RS Center clock
    Select a rally and hit the giant GO button

    then the physics files window pops up and no joy from there.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. Which car packs do you have installed?
  3. Pretty sure Aw8-09 since I was trying to participate in a rally here at RD and that was the MOD needed.

    Should I just download the whole car pack file and install it to be sure I have all I need?
  4. You may need to install all of the car packs. Did you check to see which cars the public Rally was using when you tried to join? They may have been using a different car to the A8W class.

    You can usually see which car pack is being used by:
    In RSCentre, click the "Public Sessions" button ( under the Go button ), this opens a new window listing more details about all the Public Sessions. Look across the line of the one you are trying to enter, and the car will be listed under "Pack" (about half way across).
    You will need to have that pack installed


    You must make sure you have selected to drive a car from that class. You do that by selecting it from the drop down list under Pack and Car in the main RSCentre screen.
  5. Hey thanks for the help guys I got it worked out after I installed another 600+mb car pack. It did pop up one more time but no big deal.

    The public rally's aren't exactly well put together at times. ONe had a stage in snow with non snow tires in the tire selection..............slip sliding awaaaaaaaaaay...the more you give it throttle the mor eyou slip sliding awaaaaaaaay
  6. It always pays to double check the trye selection in your RSCentre before you hit the Go button, in case of errors like that.

    BTW, if you have a good look at the Public Sessions main screen, there is a facility to setup your own Rallys, I do this when I want to test my installation or if we are having some problems that need testing.

    Click the little icon ( marked in screenshot), this opens the options to setup your own Rally. Have a look around the options, hopefully they will be clear enough.


    Another RBR Option to spend your time on Eric. :ranger:
  7. LOL yeah Warren the Mrs. will certainly send you a christmas card now!:wink2:

    More crack for the junkie...................:messed:
  8. would it be possible to re up that pic warren please i think its what im looking for to start a rally :)
  9. Added the piccy back to the earlier post.
  10. cheers
  11. and once you've selected everything how do you get it into online sessions. cant see it any where ,see my rally on list on web page but not in game.
  12. Hi Warren when we make our own rally we can not see it in the start online session window ?? what are we doing wrong ??
  13. Have you read this sticky??


    It should explain how to join a session.

    Basically, it wont show as available until the nominated start time, then when you hit Start On-Line Session, you can log in, and you will get the 15 min countdown. You can't hit the Go button until the Countdown finishes, then you get 60 secs to hit the Go button. After you hit the Go button, it will launch RBR and you are away.

    If your user defined rally is not showing as available at the time you thought you specified, chances are that you set up the wrong time. I mentioned to be careful about that, it caught me out a few times at first.
  14. Thanks Warren it was the time issue that was catching us out....Sweet:D
  15. cheers for the guidance :D
  16. I just checked your on-line Rally, and joined it (temporarily) to see that you and Mel were in and rearing to go :p . Well done, have fun with the Rally. :D
  17. Thx Warren.... we only got this game a few wks ago and getting to grips with
    it is hellish hard.. but very rewarding ..!!
    but I was having trouble driving some of the modded stages that was on their and seemed to be all the stage or places we didn’t really like or too hard or advanced should i say

    so we just stuck to default tracks in offline mode and talked over TS blah blah...we didn’t even know you could stage your own rallies and just hoped there would be easy stages on server until reading your helpful post...

    so now we gonna host our own rally and get used to the stages and cars together in online mode keeping an eye on our times which has boosted our interest even more in RBR
    so now we will be setting up some simple rallies for us beginners over the next few wks just for fun
    so hope to hear some familiar voices soon on RBR TS and hopefully take part in the next RD Rally

    BIG thx once again Mate :)