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PTR or SRS G27 Pedal extension mods

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SOLO59, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. SOLO59

    Premium Member

    Hello guys,
    I am very interested in extending my G27 pedals. It didn't matter much to me before, but now I have recently made some more adjustments to my racing setup at home, and for the first time since I began sim racing years ago, I am able to almost fully extend my legs and still be close enough to my wheel when sitting in my cockpit, now I need my pedals extended.

    So here are my options:
    PTR G27 Pedal Mod

    This will extend the pedals and provide a load cell brake. Very expensive at $160 CAD.

    Sim Racing Station Pedal Mod
    This will also extend the pedals and provide damping mod for the brake pedal. A more reasonable price at about $68 CAD.

    So I cannot find the PTR pedal mod for sale anywhere? There website appears to be down. It comes with a load cell break, which I do not need. I'm very satisfied with my GTEYE Brake mod. Like I said before, very expensive.
    Now, the SRS (Sim Racing Station) G27 pedal mod comes with a break mod as well, but I don't think it's a load cell. Still, I am not looking to replace my GTEYE.
    Both mods look different in shape, I know the PTR pedal mod can be a bit wobbly. There are only quick videos of the SRS Pedal mod on youtube, but I can't find any in dept reviews of this pedal mod. If anyone can provide me with some more info or any user review, that would be great. I will most likely go with SRS pedal mod but I would like to know more before going forward with the purchase. Also, please do not suggest any other pedals. I am more than happy with my G27 and the mods I have done to it, and the potential mods I can do for it. Thank you
  2. Before you go spending money, I would think about inverting the G27 pedals. I've just moved from my inverted Fanatec pedals to an inverted set of G27 and they are far superior. You will have to build a small box frame to hold the pedals and perhaps fix it onto your cockpit so it doesn't tip. I've also ordered a couple of RC oil filled shockers to see if they make any further inprovements.
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  3. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Extending your pedals will make weaken their force.
    I would invert them to get the right height.
  4. SOLO59

    Premium Member

    Thank you guys for your help... @Richard Hessels, I didn't know extending the pedals would make them weaker. Very good point.
    @Pete Mull, you actually switched from Fanatec pedals to g27? It's usually the other way around? I hope that move worked out for you for the best. :thumbsup:
    Inverting my pedals? I've done this before, I managed to invert them on my wheel stand pro using some wood... but then I got the next level wheel stand, and the pedal plate on that is on a slant. So now the pedals have an inverted feel, which turned out to be a good thing and it feels comfortable. IMO, maybe the pedals don't need to be inverted, but if it will help with my short pedals problem, then I'll look into it. I think Shaun Cole has a youtube video about inverting G27 pedals. I'll check it out.
    Thank you guys very very much for you help and inputs. I won't be extending my pedals, but maybe invert them.
  5. @SOLO59 - my pedals are both inverted and angled - I think the load cell on the CS pedals may have gone but the bother changing them is too much trouble - the G27 ones are much superier in design (from my perspective) and my time is far better spent perfecting them that messing about with the CS ones to make the reliable.