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pssg editor and DDS plug ins not working

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Marshall, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. i have done a new install of W7 64 bit and i cannot seem to get the PSSG editor working and the DDS plug in isnt working.

    i am using PS 32 BIT
    got the texture plug ins and the dds plug in

    i had no issues since the re install and now i simply refuses to load any file or give me the option for save as in DDS

    THIS might explain better

  2. Are you trying to edit one of the Rddev textures? If so try it with the stock game textures.

    I've noticed some of the Rddev textures that can be downloaded from this site are not export/editable. The chap who made the editor is also a member of the rddev group so maybe they built this in as a feature to protect their own textures from being further edited.
  3. yes in the video it shows i take a stock picture from codmasters, f1,,,,,,,,,,,and thats not true about the files not being editable, check again
  4. Chris you are having a hard time of it lately mate I really hope you get sorted soon as knowing your Spam addiction I want to see the official Spam car oh and of course vegi mite and baked bean's, I order GOD to get Chris sorted NOW !
  5. yeh i just dont know m8 whats going on, i have installed everything i should.

    Maybe the RD team can upload a skinning pack with all the nessary tools and plugins inside, i could uninstall everything AGAIN !!! and try that.

    anyways ive got a head ache from last night and its already bloody hot here at 9.21am, so i recon i will throw my PC in the ocean if i dont get it sorted, or i could just practice for tomorrow so i dont come last again......