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PS3 vs PC lap times

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by ajv205, May 18, 2011.

  1. Not a PC vs PS3 bash thread.

    I think the times one the timetrial leaderboards are skewed because PC player's cars behave different than PS3 cars.

    Its not a wheel vs pad thing either. Im doing the timetrial for Hungaroring and I can see that the top time ghost just goes totally flat out through the very fast left-hand corner (#4) approached in 7th gear (I'm only about a car length behind the ghost at the entrance to the corner, so its easy for me to see the behavior). There is just no way to go through that corner like that on the PS3. The turn-in from the record ghost car is impossibly fast and thats where I lose touch. Through the rest of the tight twisty bits the ghost car just disappears into the distance.

    His top speed is also faster, since at the start finish line the ghost car immediately gets ahead of me up about half a car length before braking for turn 1. How is it possible for his top speed to be higher if his downforce settings seem to be beyond those of the Red Bull I'm driving? I have my front wing at 11 and rear at 1 and its just not possible to go through the turns as blatantly fast, specifically the incredible turn-in rate I witness into the very fast left hand turn 4.

  2. Nobody notices this?
  3. sometimes people look for anything but themselves to comprehend why someone else is faster. There's no difference between Ps3, PC or xbox in terms of car performance.
  4. Video evidence would be nice.
  5. The solid truth..
  6. pc gamer always won, i dont know why but that s the truth lol
    that s why xbox live and psn are closed networks, they will know it happens if pc gamers meet console gamers ;D
  7. So if I use PS3, then the times I see on the leaderboards are only people that used PS3 as well?
  8. James Chant

    James Chant

    Correct. You only see like for like times, with F1 2010 anyway.