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PS3 v PC F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Galis666, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I thought I would let you know my humble opinion on the PC v PS3 v Xbox 360 topic.

    My PS3 setup is on a 42" Pioneer Plasma using the Wheelstand Pro (would recommend to anyone) and use the Logitech Driving Force GT. I Decided to buy the PS3 version so I didn't have to upgrade my PC.

    I love this setup but can't always get to the tv as the Mr's and kids watch the most of the time.

    A few weeks ago I decided to buy a new PC anyway but not the top of the range by any means, as my daughter keeps hijacking the PC. She got my old one and I got a I5 Quad core 760 @ 2.80 overclocked to 4.02, 4Gb Ram, ATI 4850 GFX and Win 7 64.

    It kept on bugging me that I should try F1 2010 on this PC but I wasn't sure if it would run well, plus all the issues and bugs that are around.

    I finally decided to download the Steam version of F1 2010 to compare it to the PS3 Version. After battling my way through the GFWL setup, I finally managed to launch the game.

    I installed the latest Logitech profiler software and pluged in the Logitech DFGT.

    I set all the GFX options to high and 4xMSAA Fraps tells me It's averaging between 35-40FPS.

    I noticed there was barley any FFB. I checked a couple of posts on the forum and adjusted a few settings in the profiler and ingame and was shocked at the difference. The PC FFB is amazing the car feels alive through the wheel. The graphics on the PC version are far clearer and polished the the PS3.

    I think I'll be upgrading my GFX card in a few weeks time.

    I think I will struggle to go back to the ps3 version although I had just got to Brazil in my 1st season. The PC version will rule from now on.

    What I have noticed on both versions is that the AI don't always pit a 40% or 50% race and both have the ghosting through the pit entry/exit.

    That's my take on it :)
  2. Is your PC monitor 42" though? That could be one of the reasons why it looks better on PC, because of the smaller monitor?
  3. if you compare the PC, Xbox360 and PS3 versions, then you realize that the PC version has the best graphics, followed by the Xbox360 version. this is only the opinion of a PS3 user -.-
  4. does it really matter as long as you like the game ......
  5. I couldn't go without the PC mods...
  6. spoilt :)

    Im happy with it on Xbox. Not everything can be %1,000,000 perfect. (valid percentage)
  7. you have to put things into perspective, a 360 cost the same as a mid end graphics card & the PS 3 the same as a high end card.

    my PC cost me £700 12 months ago & i would be a bit peed off if it wasent better than a console!
  8. I have a Xbox 360 but don't really use it as it sounds like a Harrier Jump jet taking off whilst its running. The main thing I was trying to point out was the vast difference with the FFB. The PC is hooked up to a Dell 24" Monitor.
  9. i had ps3 version n traded it in on pc version coz modding n graphics is pc biggest strength
  10. did you use an hdmi cable on the PS3? I just got one and the difference is astounding..
  11. haha yes HDMI makes the BIGGEST difference on ps3. i play on ps3 with great HD setup, and I'm ok with it. I like the game so its fine. But i understand how it can be preferred for PC, since, as someone above said, modding and graphics are a major plus.
  12. do you guys get aliasing issues when playing with PS3 with an HDMI cable? My lines are dancing
  13. not sure what you mean but no issues with picture at all..
  14. PS3 apparently has no antialiasing filter most of the time. HDMI improves the quality by making it HD (720p), still no AA. That is one of the major faults of Sony consoles. Even Dreamcast had AA, and that was before PS2.
    Still, I make a conscious efffort not to pay attention to the jaggies and its fine. My friends don't understand aliasing and think the graphics are great, so there you go.
  15. If you don't know better, console is great ;-). I've got bot PS3 and PC and I often play PC for singleplayer and PS3 for multiplayer. Graphics are very important to me, but for me online experience with friends + headsets is better on console. Some exclusives do look good on PS3 such as GT5, heavy rain, kz2, uncharted (1and2) of which the latter have so much graphic detail in many of their maps that are unsurpassed (especially statues, buildings).
  16. If you have a choice, go with the PS3 version. The latest patch for the PC broke the weather and rubbering effects and their hotfix kills the frame rates. Also the rain drops look considerably worse in the patched version. I highly doubt we'll see another patch for F1 2010 unfortunately :\